Wing Hiong Bak KutTeh

Seriously NON HALAL!!!

Be prepared for tonnes of food choices served at Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh!

The food is not only from all parts of porcine but seafood & chicken dishes also available.

We, a group of 10 arrived Wing Hiong BKT @ Equine Park Seri Kembangan slightly earlier than dinner hour, this place was thankfully still rather vacant. The restaurant was filled up in mere minutes while we waiting for our food.

Full house!


Bak Kut Teh best companion ~The Chinese Tea.


Claypot Bah Kut Teh (瓦煲肉骨茶) ~RM12.00/ pax

Served pipping hot in claypot, laden bountifully with meats, ribs, “spare parts”, beancurd sheets, beancurd sheets, button mushrooms & vegetables. BKT here was the Hokkien version whereby the soup was in dark hue & thick. Although the soup was thick but the herbal taste was not too overwhelming.


I will not happy if my BKT don’t come with yao char guai >.<


Bowl Style BKT (碗肉骨茶) ~ RM 11.00 / pax


Dry Claypot BKT (瓦煲干肉骨茶) ~ RM 13.00 / pax

After my 1st tried on dry version BKT, I don’t really care much about the soup version anymore 😛 (no offense to those who still prefer the traditional soup BKT ya 😛 )

I love the sticky, sweet & savory sauce covered on every meats in the claypot. Don’t forget the aromatic fried squid which really whet my appetite. Usually I will go bowls of rice just with this!


Claypot Vinegar Pork Knuckle (瓦煲猪脚醋) ~ RM 14.00 (small)

With the right level or sourness, the vinegar pork knuckle was my favorite that night.


Spicy Stomach Soup (香辣猪肚汤) ~RM9.00 (Small)

Not a fan of pig stomach but the peppery soup was packed a nice fiery punch!


Bowl Pork Tendon (碗猪脚筋) ~RM15.00

Something new for me, interesting with slightly chewy & smooth texture ~


Claypot Kampung Chicken (瓦煲绍兴鸡) ~ RM 12.00


Claypot Chicken with Yellow Rice Wine (瓦煲黄酒鸡)~RM15.00

I had a lot of this when my confinement period. Kampung chicken cooked with home made yellow rice wine with julienned ginger & black wood fungus. With just the balanced of  spicy(from the ginger) and wine flavors make the soup very moreish indeed & someone just polished off the claypot clean, hehe ^__^


Chicken Feet (红烧鸡脚) ~ RM8.00

Just the way I like my chicken feet, braised until fall-off-the-bone easily ~


Claypot Spicy BKT Lala (瓦煲香辣肉骨茶啦啦) ~RM18.00 (Small)

Wait a minute…..I knew pork BKT, I knew Lamb Kut Teh & even Chick Kut Teh but Lala Bak Kut Teh definitely my 1st time heard & saw about it! The addition of bird’s eye chili gave it an extra kick!


Steamed Fish with Spicy Bean Sauce (酱蒸非洲鱼) ~RM25.00


Dry Claypot Stingray (瓦煲脯鱼) ~RM18.00

Cooked in similar style as the Dry Claypot BKT.


Steamed Lala (上汤啦啦)~RM22.00

Fresh lala steamed with superior stock, bird’s eye chili & julienned ginger then sprinkled with crispy fried garlic.


Blanched Iceberg Lettuce (玻璃生菜) ~RM6.00 (小)

To remove guilty from over-indulging on those meaty food above 😛


  Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh
  20, Jalan Equine 9D
  Taman Equine, Taman Putra Permai
  43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor D.E.
  Tel: 012-351 1924 / 016-378 6241 (Mr Lau)
  Business Hour: Mon – Fri ~ 10am – 10pm
  Sat, Sun & Public Holidays ~ 9am – 10pm






Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh


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