Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot @ Sungai Buloh

Hubby and I are steamboat fanatic, we will have it at least once a month and one of our favourite spot for steamboat is Happy City located nearby Carrefour, Kepong. However recently we’ve found that the portion of the set had shrank tremendously and the price had increased which really a put off for us. Although we stay at Kepong area with plenty of steamboat choices but we hardly get one that suit our tastebud, how sad 🙁 Until last 2 weeks, we were invited by friends to check out a new hotpot restaurant at Kampung Sungai Buloh.


Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot, a relatively new restaurant open its door less than one month ago. Located in Kampung Sungai Buloh, occupied the shoplot previously was LYJ which had moved to another nearby new shoplot.



Brightly lit dining area (good for photography :P), the setting was typical no frill Chinese style restaurant, casual but comfortable.



Homemade Kamquat Honey Lemon (RM 3.00/glass or RM 10.00 / jar)

Very refreshing and the best cooling agent that went well with the hotpot.



We had 2 hotpots with different soup base that night ~ Pork Bone & Stomach with Chicken and Salmon Head with Tomato which are the only choices in Xiao Lao Wang(XLW). If you are seeking for the normal clear soup or Tom Yum, this might not be your place I afraid.



Pork Bone & Stomach with Chicken (Small – RM 16.80 for 1~2pax, Medium – RM 18.80 for 4~6pax & Large – RM 20.80 for 8~10pax)

Appeared in slightly milky colour, the broth was aromatic enough to made you salivating when it start boiling. Long simmering of pork bone expelled it natural essence to the soup and by adding pig stomach, kampung chicken and others herbals rendering a pretty special soup base with distinctive flavor.



Salmon Head with Tomato (Medium – RM 18.80 for 2~6pax & Large – RM 20.80 for 8~10pax)

Consisted of 2 halved Salmon fish head, this soup base is milder to the palate if compare to the former but it laced with tinge of tomato flavors which is quite appetizing.


Let us proceed to the sauce counter which is quite an excitement by just looking at!


Wide selection of sauces of condiments.



Mix and match the sauces and condiments is one of the interesting part when you dine in here.



Not fancy of mix and match, fret not! XLW has created a tip for the sauce concoction, just follow!


XLW signature sauce.



Another my own mixed sauce which taste fabulous with mushroom sauce + pickled mustard +sesame sauce + spring onion.



Smoked Duck (RM 8.90)

One can have this smoked duck alone or throw it into the hoptpot as ingredient. I prefer to have it the former way which I can savor the pleasant smoky taste and the firm texture of the meat. Good stuff!


Most of the meat balls at XLW are homemade which have a good bite texture and I can taste the freshness which is unbeatable with those pre-packed meat balls you get from other places. You’ll get what you’ve paid!


Beef Balls (RM 9.90)


Celery Pork Balls (RM 8.90)


Sotong Pork Balls (RM 8.90)


Pork Tendon Ball (RM 8.90)

Highly recommended by the owner. The pork tendon ball with some chewy bits of tendon added an interesting texture to it and hint of ginger was detected too which blended in nicely.



Chicken Paste (RM 7.90)

Served in special bamboo tube.


The chicken paste was my least favourite that night as the texture of the meat was too minced and too mushy for my liking. I think minced pork will do a better job here, that is just my two cents.



White Radish (RM 4.90)

The white radish was cooked till soft and  manage to absorb the flavors from the broth, a must order, at least for me 😛



Chinese Cabbage (RM 6.90)


Spinach (RM 7.90)


Lotus Root (RM 5.90)


Wood Ear Fungus (RM 4.90)


Fried Beancurd Roll (RM 6.90)



The hotpots boiling continuously and our order marching in one by one too 😛


Big Head Prawns (RM 20.90)


Scallop (RM 11.90)


Look at the inviting orange-y hue after we put in the prawns and scallops. The prawn roes was nicely infused in and the broth was embodied in full seafood glory. I saw every one sipping the soup in gusto and requested for soup refill.    ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪



Japanese Tang Hoon (RM 7.90)


Crispy Rice (RM 6.90)

We also had some unique steamboat fares which are seldom to get such as Japanese Tang Hoon and Crispy Rice cake. I like both ingredients which have great texture and taste fabulous when drenched in the flavourful soup.

Other than the above ala carte items, XLW also offered platter to cater those prefer more variety for their steamboat. Priced at RM 50++ / platter.



Double Liver and Smoked Duck Rice (RM 16.80)


Twin Chinese Sausages Rice (RM 18.80)



For those who can’t live without rice, XLW also offer 2 types of claypot rice. Taste wise and they are generous with the ingredients.



I’m glad to know that they served Lunch All-In-One Hotpot and ready to be eaten in 10 minutes with very affordable price.



Snow Beer (Small – RM 8.50/Big – RM 14.50)

Last but no least, cool down your body with the special snow beer after the “hot” meal. Arghh….what a satiated dinner!



Are your ready to be boiled up? I’m planning for a revisit, wanna join?


IMG_5801  Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot
   PT 11 Jalan Perkhidmatan
   Kampung Baru Sg Buloh
   47000 Selangor.
   Tel: +603-61402595
   Business Hour: Open Daily
   Lunch: 12pm ~ 3pm
   Dinner: 6pm ~ 11pm


Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot


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