Yen Can Cook: Apple & Dried Fig Soup

Learn this super easy soup from a FB friend (she is a great home cook and she takes nice photos too! You may check out her Instagram account HERE) Although the ingredients needed are not many but it doesn’t compromise on the flavor of the broth. You may add in apricot kernels (南北杏) like most of the online recipes because according to Chinese traditional medicine, both dried fig and apricot kernels help cure a persistent cough.


Ingredients (Serve: 2-3)

Red apples (3 small or 2 large)

250g pork ribs or lean pork

8 dried fig fruits (can get from Chinese medicine shop)

Handful of red dates (de-seeded)

10g South apricot kernels 南杏 (optional)

5g North apricot kernels 北杏 (optional)

Salt to taste

Step 1: Peel and core the apples, cut into 4 wedges for each one, rinse and set aside.

Step 2: Clean the pork ribs then scald in boiling water to remove blood and impurities.

Step 3: Put all the ingredients into a pot and add in water until enough to immerse all the ingredients. Bring to boil and lower the heat and let the soup simmer for 2-3 hours.

Step 4: Add salt to taste & serve.




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