Yen Can Cook ~ Chinese Soy Sauce Steamed Fish

Fresh fish is best prepared in the simplest of ways of steaming to preserve its taste and flavor. Steaming fish is a long-time favourite way of cooking fish among East Asian communities. It is a healthier cooking method and it can retain the natural sweetness as well as the succulent texture of the fish.

Steaming a fish sound like easy but to obtain that perfectly steamed fish with flesh that is just cooked at the bone certainly need a lot of skills and experiences. My skill is definitely not up to that professional chef level but I believe practise makes perfect, sooner or later I will master the skill!


Ingredients (Serve: 3-4)

1 fish (600-800g), cleaned, gutted & scaled.

1 stalk spring onion, cut into 3 inch length

1 small chunk of ginger, sliced

2 tablespoon cooking oil


Soy Sauce Mixture

4 tablespoons light soy sauce

2 tablespoons Shaoxing wine, or rice wine

2 tablespoons water

1/4 teaspoon sesame oil


Step 1: Take the fish out from the fridge around 15 minutes before steaming. Score 2-3 slashes on thickest part of the flesh of the fish, this would result in an even distribution of heat.

Step 2: In a mixing bowl, add in all ingredients of soy sauce mixture and set aside.

Step 3: Tuck ginger slices and spring onion into each scored slit as well as in the cavity. Put chopsticks on the plate then place the fish on it. This gives better air circulation when steaming.

Step 4: Bring enough water to a boiling in a wok and place the fish in after the water boils. Steam the fish for 6-8 minutes.

Important note: Don’t lift up the lid when the fish is steamed because it will cause the loss of hot air and the drop of temperature.

Step 5: Remove the fish from the wok, discard the fish water and ginger and spring onion.

Step 6: Place the fresh spring onion on top of the fish. Heat up the cooking oil and pour the oil evenly on the spring onion.

Step 7: Heat the soy sauce mixture until warm and pour evenly on the fish.

Step 8: Serve.



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  • This steamed fish is so delicious. I can finish 2 bowls of rice with it.

  • can’t beat good quality steamed fish!

  • I love to eat steam fish…is that garoupa? I don’t steam whole fish at home since I end up the only one eating it. I also steam by lifting the fish off the plate. I was told to do this so that the fishy water can drip away from the fish and be discarded (not for air circulation…hehe). For me I must have fried garlic and shredded ginger in my steam fish. I think our home-steamed fish isn’t quite like those in restaurants because they can make a tastier soy sauce concoction filled with lots of yin sai, chung, crispy ginger shreds and garlic.

    • Kris, according to the seller, this is Leopard Coral Grouper / 7 star Grouper. I think lifting up the fish when steaming can help both air circulation and make the fish water not tainting the fish.

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