Yen Can Cook: Homemade Hash Brown

Hash brown, a staple of all worthy American breakfast menus, from barebones diners and fast food joints to lavish breakfast buffets and continental spreads. I love it, how about you? What’s not to adore about a heaping plate of golden brown and extra crispy potatoes? The answer is nothing. Ever think of making it at home? From scratch I mean. It’s actually unexpectedly simple and only 4 ingredients needed. 


Ingredients (Serve: 2-3)

250g potatoes

2 teaspoon potato starch

Salt & pepper to taste

Cooking oil


Step 1: Peel the potato skin, diced (0.2-0.3mcm) or shred with a grater. Cook a pot of water then cook the diced potato. Drain and let cool.

Step 2: Mix in potato starch, salt and black pepper. (Adjust the seasoning according to personal preference)


Step 3: Wear a glove (for easier shaping) and shape the potato into patty by slightly compress it.


Step 4: Heat the cooking oil in a pan then fry the potato patties with medium heat. Cook until brown crust forms on both sides.


Step 5: Remove from the pan, drain on paper towels. You can make a batch then keep them in a container and freeze in freezer.




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