Yen Can Cook: Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup

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Old cucumber soup, one of the most frequent appeared soup on my dining table. The main ingredient, the old cucumber is not seasonal fruit (or is it a vegetable?) and we can get it at market or supermarket all year round.



Old cucumber is actually matured cucumber, hence its brown, wrinkled and hard skin. It is good for the skin and helps prevent aging! It is also high in dietary fiber, calcium, iron and rich in vitamin A, B6, and C.

Ingredients (Serve: 3-4)

1 old cucumber

300g pork ribs

1 carrot

Handful of red dates (de-seeded) & wolfberries (goji)

2500ml water

Salt to taste



Step 1: Clean the old cucumber, scoop out the seeds using a spoon and cut into small chunks. You may remove the skin or remain it.



Step 2: Clean & cut the carrot into small chunks too.



Step 3: Clean the pork ribs then scald in boiling water to remove blood and impurities.

Step 4: Put all the ingredients into a pot and add in water until enough to immerse all the ingredients. Bring to boil and lower the heat and let the soup simmer for 2-3 hours.

Step 5: Add salt to taste & serve.




Happy Halloween & Happy Cooking!


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