Yen Can Cook: Sardine Wonton (Air Fryer Version)

Do you like canned sardines? It really comes in handy when you run out of idea what to cook. I like to add plenty of onion to pair with it and when I asked for serving recommendations from my FB friends a couple of days ago, I received quite a few comments which really inspired me and I’m gonna try them one by one 🙂

There are many brands in the market and I’m loyal fan of Ayam Brand™ Sardines which is my one and only one option when I choose canned sardines. I like it because it comes with generous amount of fishes and the tomato flavor is just nice, no extra seasoning is needed when I cook it.

Besides the sardines with tomato base sauce, there are also ready-to-eat version with choices of  Sardines in Olive Oil & Chili & Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They also They can make a filling meal with crackers or bread, as toppings or dressings for salads, or can be eaten over rice, porridge or pasta.

I think all of you know wonton right? It’s type of dumpling with minced meat filling (sometime vegetables also) which is commonly boiled and served in soup or deep-fried. Today I’m going to share a recipe of fried wonton with filling which is a bit unusual ~ sardines & cheese.

Ingredients (Serve: 3-4)

1 can Ayam Brand ™ Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil/ Olive Oil & Chili

1 packet wonton skin

50g Cheddar Cheese, diced

50g carrot, finely chopped  (you may add in spring onion or jicama)

1 egg, lightly beaten,

Salt & pepper to taste



Step 1:Mash sardines and mix with oil from the oil, then add in cheese and carrot. Season to taste.


Step 2: Fill wonton skin with a teaspoon of filling mixture (Step 1) and fold into triangle shape, brush side with a bit beaten egg to seal the edges.


Step 3: Pre-heat air fryer at 200 ºC. Place wonton and air fry for 8-10 minutes, flip the wonton for even browning. Alternatively, deep fry the wonton in heated oil till golden brown then drain off excess oil on kitchen towel before serving.



About Ayam Brand ™

Ayam Brand ™ Sardines and Mackerel combine the great taste with benefits of Omega-3 that complement the needs of active individuals who need ready-to-eat, convenient, versatile and nutritious snacks and meal options that are high in Omega-3, calcium and protein.

Ayam Brand ™ obtains its sardines and mackerel from cold seas. Those Sardinops or Genus Sardina species from the North-Western and Eastern Pacific waters, Southern waters of the Indian Ocean and North-Western Atlantic waters are prized for their higher content of healthy oils such as Omega 3.  They are canned quickly using the brand’s innovative and proprietary vacuum technology. As with all Ayam Brand™ products, these are free from preservatives, with no added mono-sodium glutamate MSG, allowing the natural flavor of quality sardines and mackerel to be savored.

They are celebrating 125th anniversary with the theme of ‘We care, We are Family!’ and are overwhelmed by the preference Malaysians have for Ayam Brand™ Sardines and Mackerel products.

Sardines and mackerel are an excellent source of natural Omega-3. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that we must ingest because the body does not synthesize them but requires them for good health. Among the health benefits of Omega-3 are promoting brain growth, reducing age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s Disease as well as reducing risk factors for heart diseases. In addition, sardines and mackerel also provide the body with other essential nutrients such as minerals and Vitamins B. Sardines are among the best sources of calcium, containing two times the calcium as in regular skimmed milk.





  • 话说我妈也是这样包云吞,但是馅料就是一般云吞用的绞肉和虾仁,用沙丁鱼还蛮有创意的。这种三角形脆口云吞与美乃兹沾酱最为搭!!

    • 其实我平时是随便捏一捏因为不需要用到蛋液封口,比较方便但这次要拍照所以有弄比较好看啦,嘻嘻 :p
      美乃兹其实我很久不敢碰了,超致胖的,怕怕 >_<

  • I also choose Ayam brand although I’ve never made sardine filled wantons before. It looks delicious but minus the cheese for me lah! 😉 I think the sardines with olive oil worked in this recipe coz the oil seeped through the skin to make it crispy and glistening. They looked like they were fried in oil and not in an air-fryer…lol! 😀

    • Minus the cheese definitely not a problem for this recipe, it just for adding texture to the filling. Actually “fry” in air fryer not as crispy as fry with oil, but I don’t like the aftermath of oily kitchen so I opted for the former method.

  • I love to eat sardine too and would always scoop them at the mix rice shop.
    Your sardine wonton is so easy to make. I will try it since I have an air fryer at home.
    Looks delicious and suitable for finger food at gatherings.

  • We love Ayam Brand too though we’ve never eaten it with wonton your way. Good idea. But I don’t have an air fryer 😀

  • i liked sardines when i was a kid … especially the crunchy edible bones, heh 😀

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