Yuan Kee

My another frequent visit dai chow place to settle my dinner, located at a stretch of stalls near AmBank  Kepong Baru.


Look at the dinner crowd! Patrons start swarming this place as early as 6.30pm, so you better be early.


Some of the signature dishes showed in whiteboard in Chinese but you can ask for recommendation from the staff/captain that taking your order.


Wat Dan Hor (RM 12.00 for 2 persons)

A must order here! With good amount of  “wok hei” the smooth “hor fun” bathed in thick and golden eggy gravy was just sufficiently starchy. Not to mentioned the hocked-full of ingredients like vegetables, prawns, squids and pork slices, definitely on par with my No. 1 Wat Dan Hor here.


Ku Lou Yok- Sweet and Sour Pork (RM 10.00)

Another obligatory order for me, I will never get bored of their “ku lou yok”! The meat cubes still remain the crunchiness and drenched in appetizing sweet and sour sauce. Oh, I want to have this tonight, shall I? ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Banana Leaf Sotong (RM 15.00)

Very fragrant with just the right level of spiciness, drench your plate of rice with the sambal sauce I’m sure you will ask for “ga fan”! (extra order of rice)


Steamed Tilapia (RM 26.00)

My favorite TeowChew style steamed fish with came with abundance of ingredients like sliced pork belly, pickle vegetable, tomato, tofu and spring onions. I found myself polished off the appetizing soup and the end of my dinner, oppss…. I really have a soft spot for sour food 😛


Marmite Ribs (RM 12.00)

The meaty ribs coated with sticky slightly sweet gravy, a popular dish among the kids.


Kong Pao Chicken (RM 12.00)

Chicken cubes stir fried  with a lot of dried chilies,  onions & pepper but have you spot something is missing here? Where is my cashew nuts? @@


Signature Fried Fish Head (RM 27.00)

The portion was huge with big chunks of fish meat & fish head; the sauce was concoction of bean paste, bird’s eye chili, red onion and Chinese celery, very aromatic indeed!


Lala in Superior Soup (Xiong Tong Lala)  RM 20.00

The lala is the biggest size I ever seen! Well flavored soup with Chinese rice wine, ginger shreds & bird eye chilies but not too overpowering, just nice to drink.


Fu Yong Dan (RM 7.00)


Vegetable (RM 8.00)


Vegetable (RM 8.00)


Vegetable (RM 7.00)

All the vegetables dishes was cook to perfection, green & crunchy.


Verdict: No surprise if you bump into to me here 😛 Great dai chow food with affordable price! Oh, their beef wat dan hor and glutinous rice are recommended too but I never try before, or maybe I can have it tonight? lol


  Yuen Kee

  Between Jalan Antoi Kiri and Jalan Kepong 
  (Opposite Madrasah Al-Islah Ad-Diniyah)
  Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
  Open for lunch & dinner
  Closed on Thursday

Yuen Kee Restaurant


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