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Mid Autumn Festival is fast approaching and the most popular delicacy will certainly be mooncake. Round as a moon (get it?). Is it only me but I actually rate Mid Autumn Festival more than Chinese New Year, maybe because of the less hectic run-up to the day and also playing with lanterns and candles are much “prettier” than giving out Angpow. LOL

As with the nature of most celebrations, it will evolved over time. The variety of mooncake we had today are a lot better than our mom and pop times. Nowadays, there is also a healthy competition among sellers on the packaging of the mooncake. No doubt one of the innovative one is from The Westin Kuala Lumpur where it incorporate Bluetooth speakers in the lovely packaging itself. What a good way to play your favourite tunes while savouring the delicious mooncake.


YUÈ Mooncake Gift Box, YUÈ refers to the phonetic symbols for moon( 月), music (乐) and delight (悦).


Designed with the concept of reminiscing old times, the elegant YUÈ Mooncake Gift Box is presented in 2 distinctive traditional outlooks – lovely floral and royal blue with printed motif. It is indeed an unique and bespoke gift boxes make perfect gifts during this euphonic season of love and laughter.


The multi-functional gift box holds a set of 4 mooncakes (baked skin or mini snow skin) and comes incorporated with a set of Bluetooth speaker, one can play their preferred tracks as they relish on the exquisite Westin mooncakes. The box is also good to use as jewellery or keepsake box.


Thanks to the recent invitation from The Westin KL, we managed to sample their mooncake selection this year.

Featuring 7 delightful varieties of traditional baked skin mooncakes and the special Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King, diners can expect the very best of flavors from these mooncakes.


We were serenaded Guzheng performance during the session as well as the presentation of the art of playing Diabolo or Chinese Yo-Yo (扯铃).


Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King 迷你纯猫三王冰皮

Definitely love at first bite! Packed with rich, creamy Musang King durian pulp and its unmistakably pungent aroma, as a die-hard durian fan, I can’t resist this heavenly treat. The skin is sublime too, soft and melts with a creamy sensation. Being the premium grade of durian, one can savor 100% Musang King as they bite into this delectable delicacy.


Imperial Black 万星红钻

The jet-black bamboo charcoal mooncake was great at sight as well as delicious in taste. Encasing a delicate paste filling made from dried longan, dried wolfberry and lotus seeds. I like it not too sweet with pleasant fruity note, there are even dried longan bits in it.


Five Sen5ens Supreme Mixed Nuts 中国元素伍仁月饼

This supreme mixed nuts mooncake is screaming for attention too. Jam-packed with numerous of nuts and ingredients such as melon kernel seeds, whole shell almonds, walnuts, grilled chicken meat, chicken floss, white sesame seeds, dried scallops, seafood sauce as well as scallop & chicken Sauce. It is also imbued with the appetizing tanginess and delicate fragrance of dried Mandarin Orange and fresh lime leaf. One can get a wondrously aromatic of nutty and savoriness meaty ingredients, this one’s a definite keeper.


Pure Red Bean Paste 纯红豆沙


Pearl of Prosperity 绿野明珠


Low Sugar Plain White Lotus Single Yolk 低糖单黄白莲蓉


Pandan Lotus 香叶莲蓉

Classic is always a perennial favorite and hotel’s baked selection is guaranteed to delight.


Westin Collectibles BLOOM Gift Box

Back by popular demand, last year’s BLOOM Mooncake Gift Box is also available this year due to great reception received. is a dual usage storage unit that comes with an integrated potting container. Each purchase of BLOOM Mooncake set is complemented with a DIY terrarium kit and user-friendly planting instructions. This allows customers to turn the gift box into a lovely potted plant with storage compartments, making the box an attractive and practical home decorative item.


Westin Mooncakes are available for order from 01 August till 04 October 2017. The YUÈ Mooncake gift boxes and Westin Collectibles BLOOM Mooncake boxes are offered at very attractive prices, starting from as low as RM138.00 nett per set. Patrons are able to select any of the 4 flavours to make up the purchase of a gift box.

YUÈ Mooncake Gift Box

Baked Skin Flavours: RM 168.00nett per set of 4

Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King: RM 240.00nett per set of 4

Westin Collectibles BLOOM Gift Box

Baked Skin Flavour: RM 138.00nett per set of 4

Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King: RM 210.00nett per set of 4

Westin Mooncakes can be picked up from Five Sen5es (Level 1) from 01 September 2017 onwards between 12.00pm to 2.30pm and 6.00pm to 10.00pm daily.

From 2.30pm to 6.00pm, the pickup of Mooncake boxes is available at The Living Room (Level G).

Enticing Discounts

~ Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) and Beyond Dining members receive 10% discount for YUÈ Mooncake gift box and 15% for Westin Collectibles BLOOM Mooncake gift box during the promotional period.

~ Free delivery for purchases of 30 boxes and above to one destination within the Klang Valley area.

Bulk purchasers for Westin Collectibles BLOOM Mooncake gift box enjoy:

–         10% savings for purchasing 25 to 50 boxes
–         15% savings for purchasing 51 to 100 boxes
–         20% savings for purchasing 101 to 150 boxes
–         25% savings for purchasing 151 to 200 boxes
–         30% savings for purchasing above 201 boxes

*Prices are inclusive of 6% GST and discounts are not accumulative, higher value of discount will be accorded if two or more discounts are applicable.

To book your mooncake gift boxes or for further enquiries, call 03-2773 8338 or email westindining@westin.com



199, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2731 8333

Website: www.thewestinkualalumpur.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/westin.kl


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