Yuk Sou Hin 玉寿轩 @ WEIL Hotel, Ipoh

Dim Sum is definitely something you can’t miss when visiting Ipoh. There are of course ample of Dim Sum choices at Ipoh and chances are if you’re asking for recommendations, most people would refer you to the “Big Three” – Foh San, Ming Court and Yoke Fook Moon which are arguably the most established (but severely touristy) Dim Sum restaurants in Ipoh. 

Don’t get me wrong, those Dim Sum restaurants do serve fairly decent choices of Dim Sum but if you’re looking for less touristy/crowded place to enjoy your Dim Sum session, Yuk Sou Hin  玉寿轩 at WEIL Hotel could be an ideal option.


The tastefully decorated waiting area at Yuk Sou Hin.


Walked into the main dining area, one can certainly feel the spaciousness and a pleasing sense of tranquility. The flowery motif carpet, modern lighting that impart a dim yellowish hue, tables with pristine table cloth and comfortable cushioned chairs as well as a glass window at the end of the restaurant that allowed natural light to flow in.


There are a few private rooms for special occasions or gatherings.


Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood (RM45.00 – Half)

One of the star dishes of the restaurant and it was indeed presented at the perfect intersection of taste, texture and colour. The gorgeously lacquered duck skin was glistened with deliciousness and crispiness. The meat was tenderly moist with a pleasant smoky aroma and tinged with salty flavor. Each bite into the piece of duck yields so much satisfaction. A must order as the duck is so good on its own that no sauces or condiments are required!


Steamed Chicken Xiao Long Bao (RM10.00 – 4pcs)

Yuk Sou Hin is a pork free restaurant hence the chicken version of Xiao Long Bao is served here. The dumpling encasing a steaming hot savoury broth and tender meat mince, all coming together in one delicious mouthful with a slice or two of ginger. The slightly think skin was the only weak point in this dish.


Steamed Crab Meat Dumpling (RM12.00 – 3pcs)

Crustacean lovers will rejoice at sight of this Steamed Crab Meat Dumpling. The translucent crystal morsel filled with luscious crab and prawn meat, what’s not to like.


Steamed Cod Fish Deluxe Dumpling (RM12.00 – 3pcs)

The dumplings in beautiful gold ingot shape were filled with highly prized cod fish, very delicate tasting and delicious in every bite.


Signature Baked BBQ Honey Glazed Chicken Bun (RM12.00 – 3pcs)

I know that the Michelin-starred Dim Sum restaurant – Tim Ho Wan (which closed down its Malaysia outlet on 2017) served similar dish, but since I never try their version, so no comparison. 

Take a bite into the airy bun and feel it crumble as a burst of sweet-and-salty flavours fill your mouth. Soon enough, you’ll reach out for one more bun, and then another.


Pan Fried Siew Mai with Crab Roe (RM11.00 – 4pcs)

Instead the usual steamed Siew Mai, we had this pan fried version which was equally delightful. The plump and bouncy textures with tasty notes of sweet fresh shrimp and savoury brown sauce was remarkably yummy.


Deep Fried Chives Dumplings with Prawns (RM10.00 – 3pcs)

An unpretentious looking dish but very good in flavour! Slightly crunch on the outer with  chewy bite, the prawn and chives filling was fragrant delicious.


Wok Fried Radish Cakes (RM12.00)

The Wok Fried Radish Cakes was sublime and really knocked my socks off! The “Wok Hei” that imparted to the dish really elevated this classic dish to the highest satisfaction in aroma and flavours.


Fried Mian Xian (RM37.00 – Medium)

The Fried Mian Xian was slightly pale in comparison as it was slightly under-seasoned for my liking. 


Glutinous Dumpling (RM12.00)


Avocado Puree (RM12.00)

We had both hot and chilled dessert to put a sweet conclusion to our wonderful Dim Sum session and Yuk Sou Hin.


Verdict: For hotel standard, the price range is very reasonable considering the posh and comfortable environment, paired with top notch service. Overall, the food here certainly beat my expectation on pork free Dim Sum and worth to put this place on your to-visit Dim Sum list in Ipoh.


Yuk Sou Hin  玉寿轩 

WEIL Hotel 

292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. (Level 1)

Tel: +605-208 2228

Operating hours: Mon – Sat: 10.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10.30pm

                             Sun: 8.00am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Website: http://www.weilhotel.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weilhotel


  • dimsum is one thing, but that duck I want!

  • I always remember Ipoh for their pork satay and the best dim sums since a long time ago. To be honest I ate the best egg tarts given by actress Michelle Yeoh’s mum who boasted the best is from Ipoh. I had to agree with her.

    Now I have bookmarked this place for my next trip to Ipoh soon. Your photography is good and made me drool.

    • TM, walao, you win liao, Michelle Yeoh’s mom you also know ar!
      I know Ipoh got a quite famous egg tart, but can’t remember the name of the shop 🙁

  • That’s probably one of the most well presented duck…the chef has some mad chopping skills! 😉 Oh, I do remember Tim Ho Wan’s baked BBQ buns, they were very good 🙂 And I’d certainly like to try a siew mai version that’s pan fried.

  • what a beautiful venue for dim sum. considering that ipoh has lots of great dim sum joints, it’s nice to hear that this place lives up to the city’s reputation!

    • Sean, options certainly aplenty at Ipoh but mostly are thronged with tourists, hehe 😛 One can enjoy a “peaceful” and fuss-free dim sum meal here 🙂

  • It’s my first time in Ipoh , and so happy to dine in Yuk Sou Hin ,I really enjoy it with in a quite place. The food is really taste good and what I really like most is the fried vegetable. Hi Sir Ron Yeap I’m Espie from the Philippines..

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