Zǎo – Breakfast Anytime @ Section 19, P.J

Breakfast is the most important meal for the day and eating in the morning is just a matter of habit. I’m the so called ‘morning larks’ who automatically get up early in the morning even on weekends (blame my biological clock >_< ) and I’m also a breakfast person who can’t start my day with an empty stomach. I always anticipate my weekend breakfast session because it is the time to unwind and enjoy my meal leisurely without the weekdays morning rush.

‘Zao’早, means early, morning or good morning in Chinese. Zao – Breakfast Anytime, a cafe at nestled in Section 19, P.J that serve breakfast as it’s name implies, as early as 6.00am on weekdays and 8.00am on weekends. Variety of sandwiches (Open Sandwich & Grilled Sandwich) took centre stage in the menu, Korean Kimchi Pork (RM20.00), Eat More Spinach (RM16.00), Luncheon Meat x Layered Egg in Charcoal Toast (RM15.00), Sliced Pork x Cheese in Purple Chia Seed Toast (RM21.00) & Nut Butter x Bacon x Pumpkin in Milky Toast (RM12.00), just to name a few.


The bright white themed interior partnered with clean and pleasant setting was comfortable and inviting. Although the cafe was not decorated with a huge deal of flairs, but didn’t lack of details such as a shelf full with lovely potted plants, little corner with Be@rbrick figurine, feature wall with framed watercolour tropical leaves pictures, as well as ambient lighting in different designs.


Outdoor seating.


The simple one page menu.


Organic Hot Black Coffee (RM5.00) & 100% Pressed Juice – Orange (RM11.00) 


Awake Big Breakfast (RM28.00)

Portion wise, decent for the price charged (or should I say it was standard cafe pricing?) The breakfast platter consisted of bacon, Vienna sausage, baked beans, grille tomatoes, hashbrown, scrambled egg, multigrains toast and salad. Nothing really to shout about with all those processed food, but the spinach infused scrambled egg was prefectly executed, fluffy and soft.


Sexy Grilling (RM18.00)

Crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, mesclun and beautiful sunny side up layered atop of the toasted white bread. For a RM18 sandwich , I would have hoped to get more “premium” ingredients in it.


Luncheon Meat x Layered Egg in Charcoal Toast (RM15.00)

It’s a tall stack of luncheon meat (quite generous portion), layered omelet, sliced tomatoes and lettuce dressed with mayonaise, sandwiched with charcoal toast, served with fresh fruits cubes. This was my order and my craving for luncheon meat was greatyly satiated. 


Verdict: Food we had didn’t wow me and in my opinion, the price was on higher side for the portion and food quality. What do you think?


Zao – Breakfast Anytime

50, Jln 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +6011-2828 9173

Operating hours: Weekdays: 6.00am to 3.00pm, close on Wednesday

                             Weekends: 8.00am to 4.00pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zzzaooo/


  • I agree that their pricing is a bit high for that location. They should never tag at big round numbers of RM15.00, RM18.00 or RM28.00 as they sound big & painful. It should soften at RM14.80, RM17.90 or RM27.90.

    The food looks very appetizing and nice on the plates. I always avoid charcoal bread as they look like burnt 😂😂😂

    • TM, sorry that I can’t agree on your theory of softening the pricing by reduce 10 cents LOL
      Charcoal bun looks more attractive in photo 😛

  • I think the prices were quite ok except for the big breakfast since they’re mostly processed food. The thing that got my attention was the scrambled eggs too…nice to see it done with spinach. I wouldn’t mind paying RM18 for the Sexy Grilling since it came with two rashers of bacon and lots of button mushrooms (seeing that both ingredients are expensive, a small box of mushrooms can cost more than RM10 at times).

    • Kris, the bacon I think was just one rasher which cut into half and the amount of mushrooms not that much also since they were sliced quite thin 🙁

  • ooo, i’m the opposite of you – i don’t get hungry for breakfast and i often skip eating in the morning – but my appetite rises in the evening, and i probably over-eat for dinner. your way is definitely healthier!

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