888 Hokkien Mee @ Bayan Baru, Penang

Came back from my Penang trip 3 weeks ago and I can’t believe that I didn’t have any Char Koay Teow this round! But this trip is more on a relaxed getaway, without any itinerary cum advanced birthday celebration for Sam after all, so I’m still happy that my craving for Asam Laksa and Prawn Mee aka Hokkien Mee was fixed.

We stayed at Lexis Suites Penang on our second night because of its convenient location near airport at Bayan Lepas as we were flying back to KL the next day. We purposely had early dinner in the hotel (will blog about it in separate post later) and went for supper at 888 Hokkien Mee which is highly recommended by hubby. He raved about the prawn mee after he had it during his business trip a couple of months ago. He had it at their original stall at Lebuh Pregrave which was quite packed during his visit. Luckily this branch was not as packed as the former.


888 Hokkien Mee crowned as one of the ‘The Best Hokkien Mee’ in Penang in a competition a few years back and gains fame and popularity for its trusty bowl of Hokkien Mee.


The interior of the shop is quite comfortable, simple setting with the noodles cooking station right at the entrance. There is a Lobak stall in the same shop as well.


Price list for your reference, the prices are no doubt more competitive if compared with Klang Valley pricing. One can customise your bowl of Hokkien mee by adding extra add on such as siew yoke, pork knuckles, chitterlings or pork ribs. 


Hokkien Mee -Small + Siew Yoke (RM6.50)

Appeared in delightful bright red, our bowl of noodles came with half a hard boiled egg, tiny prawns, lean pork slices, bean sprouts and the chili sauce being served separately in a spoon. Have you noticed that it lacked of something crucial for a bowl of Hokkien Mee? The fried shallot! Although I’m not a fan of it 😛

The soup base was rich and intensely flavoured by prawn heads and prawn shells. Being neither too mild nor too spicy, the sweet savoury broth had us compulsively slurping up until finish.

If Hokkien mee isn’t your cup of tea, order the stall’s other speciality, lor mee (noodles served with a dark and starchy sauce).


Verdict: I was largely contented with my Hokkien Mee supper. I know there are many good Hokkien Mee at Penang but 888 Hokkien Mee will definitely scores up to your expectation.


888 Hokkien Mee 三條路 888 福建面
72, Lorong Mahsuri 10, Bayan Baru, Penang.
Operating Hours: 5:30pm to 12am
Contact Number: +016-434 1919


  • Yes, I noticed that it was missing something crucial straight away….hihihi! 😀 I also noticed something else….the sambal that looked like chilli sauce (as you mentioned) and not those orangy-red and oily sambal. The broth looks nice though and I’ve never had a bowl of prawn mee that comes with siew yoke before! 😉

  • Now your verdict got me drooling and greedy to try this Penang Hokkien Mee too. I had tried others but not this one….
    You guys flew to Penang and I wonder how you moved around?
    I am thinking of flying back to my hometown too, instead of driving for fear of the highway jams.

  • looks like a very satisfying bowl – perfect for patrons who enjoy penang street fare 😀

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