BBQ Delight @ Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

Being one of my favourite Chinese restaurant, Ee Chinese Cuisine’s culinary team never let me down as my previous dining experiences here were always an enjoyable one. This time let’s put the turkey aside and have some BBQ delight which is their latest promotion running throughout the month of December.

Isn’t something common like BBQ meat (char siu) or BBQ pork (siew yok) that you can get from the ubiquitous chicken rice stall out there. Chef Yong Kam Wah and his team meticulously prepared a sumptuous dinner for us with a combination of Eastern ingredients and Western methods of preparation, let’s see the sparkle when East meet West!

Crispy Beancurd Wrapped with Egg Pastry

This appetizer remind me of Peking Duck wrap but with a level up of the scrumptiousness. Cucumber, spring onion, crispy beancurd sheet and a piece of smoked duck breast was rolled up with thin egg pastry. Allowed the multitude of flavors and texture dancing in your mouth; definitely a perfect palate-opener for the next course.


Double Boiled Shark Bone Soup with Fish Maw

Long simmering hours of the shark’s bone which expelled its natural essence and rich amounts of collagen, making the soup milky white and sticky. With all the precious ingredients of fish maw, shark bone and bamboo pith, the flavor was nothing less than spectacular.


BBQ Roll with Fresh Scallops & Prawns

The next dish was a lemongrass skewer of grilled scallop, prawn, Shiitake mushroom and capsicum dressed with creamy Mongolian sauce. All the items on the stalk was perfectly grilled to retain their crunchy and juicy nature while the Mongolian sauce with hint of black pepper provide extra zing to the dish.


Oven-baked Spare Rib in “Tong Kwai” Sauce

A beautiful piece of spare rib gleaming in a deep mahogany colour basted evenly with glistening sweet and sticky sauce with subtle hint of “Tong Kwai” (Angelica sinensis) which has medical benefit especially for woman. The rib was tender but still had a good bite in the meat.


Oven-baked Lamb Cutlet with Chef’s Special Sauce

Coming up next was a piece lamb cutlet sitting gorgeously dressed with chef’s special sauce and a dollop of house-made spicy sauce concoction of lime, ginger, greem chili, garlic and etc. The lamb was tender with a pleasant lamb flavor which was not too overwhelming.  Definitely one of the best lamb dish I’ve tried, what can I say but thumbs up for this!


Stewed Noodles with Roasted Sausage

Thin smooth somen embedded in soft egg white custard topped with pieces of house-made roasted sausages! An ingenious idea of combining the steamed egg and soupy noodle; the roasted sausages also worth a mention too as it was packed with bursting smoky flavors.


Double Boiled Snow Lotus with American Figs and Sweet Duet

To put a sweet endnote to the satiated dinner we had a dessert featuring a double boiled sweet soup accompanied with a dim sum pastry.


A soothing and nourishing dessert with some interesting ingredients of sliced American fig and snow lotus seed which has slightly chewy texture similar with jelly.


Have a guess on what’s the filling of the dim sum pastry? Lotus paste? Black Sesame? Pumpkin? No No No~~~

It was a savory dim sum with meat and scallion filling which really surprised us!

Faster make your reservation before the promotion end on 31st December!


  Ee Chinese Cuisine


  Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
  13, Jalan 16/11,
  Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
  46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
  Tel: +603- 7665 1111 (Ext: 137)

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya


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