Anther & Stigma @ Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

Beautiful setting will certainly strike a person’s mood the minute he/she stepped through the door. This statement is well describing my feeling during my visit to Anther & Stigma, a floral shop cum cafe cum event space.   Anther & Stigma is definitely a pleasant space for lingering, with cosy and charming corners  with lovely flower bouquets, wreath decors on […]

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Wild-1 Deli @ Seminyak, Bali

Since breakfast in not included for our accommodation at Harris Hotel, so we explored the street outside the hotel the next day morning and found that there were quite a number of cafes and restaurants that provide breakfast. We settled our breakfast at Wild-1 Deli situated a few doors away from our hotel. The cafe wasn’t really big, the long […]

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Yen Can Cook: Winter Melon & Luo Han Guo Tea

I’ve been under the weather for some days since last week, blame the weather ~ The weather has been horrid recently, hot and warm today, cold and raining tomorrow. Abnormal weather creates abnormal health; it’s harder for the body to be in balance and harmony with the environment, when the environment changes unpredictably. I think we really need to eat something to curb the […]

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