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The  Year of Rooster is looming within 2 weeks, I hope it’s not too late to share my awesome dining experience at my favourite Chinese restaurant (still is) – Ee Chinese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Being the grandest and most important traditional festival celebrated among the Chinese communities across the world, Chinese New Year is all about families, friends and loved ones getting together. It is also an occasion to indulge in sumptuous feasts and reconnecting with each other.


Exquisite festive dishes and the chef’s signature specials take centrestage at the tastefully decorated Ee Chinese Cuisine restaurant for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. We savoured a selection of hand-picked dishes from Ee’s Chinese New Year menus ranging from RM688nett to RM5888nett.


Prosperous Rainbow ‘Yee Sang’ with Salmon Trout (响铃三文鱼生)

Starting with the ubiquitous yee sang consisted of freshly shredded vegetables, tangy pickles, aromatic crushed peanut and sesame seeds, crispy flour crackers, toasted rice crispies and fried salmon skin as well as appetizing plum sauce. Extra virgin olive oil is used too for a healthier rendition.


Arranged aesthetically in flower shape, our Salmon Trout sashimi was fresh and  generous in portion. The restaurant offers other varieties of Yee Sang including White Tuna, Jelly Fish, Shell Fish, Seabird Nest & Pear and Smoked Duck. Price starts from RM98nett per serving.


We definitely enjoyed the tantalising mixture of assorted ingredients in the Yee Sang and its ample moistness and well-balanced nuances. This dish indeed a vivid kaleidoscope of colours, flavours and textures.


Here’s to toss for prosperity into the New Year…


Eight Treasures Seafood Soup (儿孙满堂乐开怀)

The rich and thick bisque filled with lots of precious ingredients from prawns, deried scallops, crab meat, fish lips, mushroom, sea cucumber, bamboo shoot and water chestnut. The solid mix of textures in the flavourful soup had us relishing thoroughly digging into the treasure trove of sumptuous delicacies.


Crispy Roasted Pei Pa Duck (富鸭天下)

Next course was a pretty roasted duck dish with an impeccable crispy lacquered skin and tender meat. Mildly gamey yet lusciously juicy, the firm and well seasoned duck meat has us chomping on the bit. The sweet and savory sauce underneath provided a multitude of flavors to the poultry.

We give it our full stomp of approval.


Steamed Giant Grouper Fillet with Fresh Bean Curd Skin and Ginger Sauce (力争上游)

Fish is another essential dish during Chinese New Year for its for their symbolic meaning. In Chinese, “fish” (鱼 yú) sounds like ‘surplus’. Chinese people always like to have a surplus at the end of the year, because they think if they have managed to save something at the end of the year, then they can make more in the next year.

The highly prized giant grouper was filleted for easier consumption as well as to retained the perfect temperature to savor the fish. (The fish might get cold during the fillet process if served as whole fish). Crowned with concoction sauce of ginger and spring onion, it showed off the freshness and sweetness of the grouper to near perfection.The sauce is not overpowering at all despite the amount. A light superior soy sauce added more depth to the fish.


Wok Fried Sea Prawns tossed with Golden Salted Egg Glaze (龙王贺岁庆丰年)

Lightly battered then deep fried prawn balls and coated with luscious salted egg yolk with sprinkles of shredded curry leaves, it was a plate of cholesterol laden crustaceans but so worthy in every bite. Make sure to eat them as prawns signify lots of laughter for the New Year.


Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Sha Jiang Oyster, Golden Greens and Sea Moss Sauce (顺心如意)

Another enticing at sight dish with glorious mount of festive ingredients. The crunchy poached broccoli were arranged in circular pattern topped with plump briny dried Sha Jiang oysters then surrounded by sea cucumber stuffed with fish paste. Swam in delicious sea moss  sauce, everyone would want more of this sublime dish that denotes ‘Hou Si’ (good things to come)


Steamed Glutinous Rice with Cured Wax Meat (五谷丰收福满门)

Resembled our “Loh Mai Gai” dim sum (steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken), the rice is beautifully done with a almost creamy with a luscious tender bite. Studded with moreish waxed meat and chicken chunk then topped with chopped spring onion, it took the rice to whole new heights in terms of flavours. 


Batter Fried Nian Gao with Sweet Potato (合家团圆)

Double-boiled Papaya with Osmanthus Flower (福寿有余)

To sweeten up the celebrations, we had tong sui (dessert broth) and dessert of Double-boiled Papaya with Osmanthus Flower and Fried Nian Gao with Sweet Potato Balls to wrap up our meal nicely.

For more details on the menu and other arrangements, please call +603-7665 1111 ext 311/340.


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