God’s Delicious Pot 神来一锅 @ Publika

God’s Delicious Pot 神来一锅 serves Taiwanese style hotpot, open its door since July 2015 and still standing strong till now. Evidently seen from the queue forming in front of their Kota Damansara branch whenever I passed by. 


I was at God’s Delicious Pot, Publika outlet for birthday celebration gathering with my ‘makan kaki’ and the place was rather busy on that weekend evening.


Nothing much on decoration, the black themed restaurant is filled with simple tables and chairs, a bit cramped within the not-too-big space but compensated with the warm and polite service. We were served by the soft spoken staffs (ala Taiwan style if you’ve been to Taiwan) and explained the menu to us before ordering.


God’s Delicious Pot offers individual pot where everyone can choose their preferred combination of pot, soup base, meat and noodles/rice. There are a few types of pots here namely Roasted Pot (RM39.80), Selected Delicious Pot (RM39.80), Twin Soup Delicious Pot (RM43.80) as well as Kid’s Delicious Pot (RM29.80)

Roasted Pot with their signature pot with both soup pot and grilling pit. There are sufficient choices of soup base which included Taiwanese Pork Bone, Tom Yum, Konbu, Cheese Milk, Kimchi, Herbal Soup, Taiwan Mala (Mild/Hot/Extra Hot), Healthy Mushroom (with extra charges), Curry Laksa, Tomato (Original/Spicy) as well as vegetarian options of Herbal, Mala and Mushroom.


The meat selection are pork (can be upgraded to Spanish Cerdo Iberico with extra charges), chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetarian. Every set also comes with 3 homemade meat balls.


For the staple, choose from Taiwan Pearl Rice, Udon, Yi Mee, Bee Hoon, Huo Guo Mee, Braised Pork Rice (extra charges RM3.00) and Taiwan Pan Mee (extra charges RM2.00)


The set also consisted of one drink of your choice – assorted of smoothies (lemon winter melon, lime lemon), herbal tea, honey lemon, soft drinks and Chinese tea.


The standard ingredients for every set included Meat Ball, Fishcake, Mushroom, Corn, assorted vegetables , Pumpkin, Carrot and Beancurd sheet.


We were also served with their signature Shacha dipping sauce 沙茶酱 or you may mix your own concoction at the sauce counter.


All the meat served were without any marinade, one can enhanced the flavour by adding these flavouring powders. 


Still remember I’ve mentioned earlier about their warm service, that included guide on how to cook and season the ingredients, the best way. We were taught to press the meal ball into a meat patty then pan fried on the grilling pit instead of just boil them in soup. The meat patty with beautiful charred mark and aromatic smoky flavour definitely tasted better that the boil version, hehe. We also tried to stir fried the noodles (cooked in soup until 80% soft) on the grilling pit and seasoned with the flavouring powder. 


Pudding in assorted flavours to end the meal.


Verdict: Quite a different from my usual steamboat experiences. Food wise, the soup bases we tried were decent but not outstanding and most of the ingredients are in their original flavour, which is good for some I guess. Price certainly not cheap considering the portion given, sufficient for small eater but for those with bigger appetite might need to add on some ala carte items or dishes (eg: Hakka Salty Pork, Sausages, Century Egg Tofu, BBQ Squid & etc) I like the attentive and polite service nonetheless.


God’s Delicious Pot 神来一锅

D4-G4-1, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1

50480 Kuala Lumpur.(Above Coffee Stain)

Tel: +603-6211 5678


7-1 GF, Jalan PJU 5/9 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: +603-6150 5689


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