Is KFC Malaysia Better Than KFC America?

Ever since KFC opened its first store in Malaysia back in 1973, it has enjoyed huge popularity amongst the masses. Today the KFC has about 600 stores in the country and is still growing in both popularity and size. KFC is amongst the top 10 restaurant chains in Malaysia. You might feel surprised to know that KFC is more popular in Malaysia than it is in the States. In this article, we will try to figure out what makes KFC so popular and finger-licking good in Malaysia. So let’s get started and see what Colonel did right here in Malaysia.


KFC Malaysia Full Bucket with sides and drinks


The Difference:

At KFC Malaysia, the most popular item is Hot and Spicy Chicken Breasts. This is a different recipe than the one marketed in America. You can also order the one sold in America. It is called the original recipe that started in Kentucky. So we ordered both of them and tried to find the difference. And the difference is quite apparent right from the moment you see both of them side by side.

KFC Chicken Breast


The hot and spicy chicken breast is locally known as Ayam Goreng. The main difference between the two recipes is that of the spices and coating on the chicken breast. KFC has formulated the Hot and Spicy recipe by keeping the local cuisine in mind. In simple words, it’s hot and spicy as compared to the original recipe. You can say that the recipe served back in the states is a bit bland when compared to the one served in Malaysia. As we were served with both the recipes, we immediately noticed the difference in the coating. Ayam Goreng had no flour coating while the original recipe has a corn flour coating.


You can say that while Ayam Goreng was spicier, the original recipe was more crunchy. It depends on what you prefer more, crunchiness or spicy? For someone from the states, the Malaysian recipe will feel like a bomb of flavors exploding in their mouths. People generally prefer more spicy food in southeast Asian countries and perhaps that’s the reason for the extra spiciness of the Malaysian recipe. It must be noted here that we are not just talking about the intensity of the spices. It’s not that you get the increased intensity of the same spices that were used back in the states. What you get is a mix of totally different spices that have been picked from the local Malaysian Cuisine. If you have never had any Malaysian KFC before than we promise you are going to love it. You can visit any KFC Malaysia branch or you can also get it delivered by Food delivery company in Malaysia. Check out KFC menu Malaysia for your closest home delivery in earliest time possible.


The similarity:

KFC works hard to maintain the standard of their service at all their stores. No matter what the time is, you can expect your order to be ready within 10 to 15 minutes of ordering it. Seating space, hygiene, basic amenities, and all other facilities are also maintained according to international standards. One notable difference, however, is that of the sides and drinks.

KFC Malaysia chilli crunch with sides and drinks


 You get more choices when it comes to sides and drinks in America. All American stores offer unlimited free refills on all drinks but you won’t find any such offer in Malaysia. Another similarity in the Malaysian and American KFC is that of the precise and timely delivery of food when you order  it online. We will rate it five stars as the food delivered was piping hot and was also delivered much earlier than expected.

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