Kaiju Company @ APW, Bangsar

Kaiju Company, one of the hipster restaurants nestled in APW, Bangsar which churning out an interesting list of delectable Japanese-Thai fusion dishes.


Kaiju, means giant monster in Japanese and the name of this restaurant – Kaiju Company is well echoing by its logo with a cute monster (a Godzilla I assumed :P) as well as the 30metres long paper origami dragon lantern hung over the ceiling.


The dining area isn’t really big but it exuded a welcoming vibe with a neat and captivating interior. Large glass window panels, furniture in mixture of wooden and black tone and the beautiful flower arrangement added liveliness to the overall ambiance. Outdoor seating are available too.


Thai Ice Tea (RM10.00) & Kaiju Lemonade (RM10.00)

Apart from the above “normal drinks” that we had (other options in the list are Calpis Asamboi, Lychee Pop, BKK Asamboi, etc) and the usual teas, the team has curated an appealing range of alcohol drink included their signature Power Drinks which is Sake cocktails laced with Asamboi, Calpis, Lemongrass, Ribena, Lychee and Lemonade. Wines, Japanese beers and Sake are available too.


Gyu-Tan Rice Bowl (RM30.00)

The rice bowl topped with grilled beef tongue, mushrooms, baby corns, seaweed, sesame seeds, chopped scallion, chili bits and crowned with a perfectly cooked poached egg was a delightful sight. Served with spicy miso soup.


Pricked the egg and had a good mix of everything. The spicy sauce packed quite a fiery punch (with fresh bird eye chilies) and went well with all composition in the bowl. The Gyūtan was decent in serving, I adored the tender with slightly chewy texture. The poached egg not only moisten the rice but also provided a pleasant creaminess to the overall dish.


Bara-Bara Chirashi (RM32.00)

This bowl of goodness evoking delightful textures from the fresh cubes of seafood sashimi, soft tamago, crunchy cucumbers, popping Tobiko and Ikura and crispy deep fried lotus root.  The rice bowl also served with spicy miso soup.


Hawaiian Kaiju Rice (RM26.00)

The rice platter served with house made chicken patty, Japanese curry, stir fried Shimeji mushrooms, beautiful sunny-side-up and fresh mango slices. 


The chicken patty was well executed, flavorful and firm in texture. I like the meat was not too finely minced rendering a more satisfying bite. The spiciness was definitely kid friendly level as Sam gave it a seal of approval. (Just that the portion was a lil bit too much for her{・ω-*} )

Other main dishes included Tom Yum Ramen, Ultraman Spaghetti, Seafood Manow Nabe & Sawadeeka Cold Noodle.

Their menu also covers small selection of snacks (Karaage, Tuna Tataki, Okinawa Bittergourd, Unagi Tempura) and desserts (ice creams, Early Grey + Beef Bacon, Coconut + Ikura Roe & Deep Fried Mango Stick Rice) 


Verdict: Satisfying flavours and portion, we enjoyed immensely the food we had and would highly recommend this place if you’re at this area.


Kaiju Company


29, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2788 3796

Operating hours: 12.00pm to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10.30pm, close on Monday.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaijucompany/


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