Krung Thep @ Bukit Damansara

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep is Bangkok in Thai. As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is a melting pot of different cultures, traditions, peoples and food. So, as per its name implies, Krung Thep restaurant nestled in Republik, Damansara Heights offers authentic Thai cuisine from four main regions of Thailand: Northern, Central, Isan (Northeastern) and Southern.


The restaurant was elegant with cement walls and patterned tiles flooring framed by modern furniture, as well as grand piece of art. The dining area was brilliant sectioned by different seating of counter bar and booth banquette seats on both sides and normal dining tables and chairs in the middle. The whole space was beautifully accentuated by soft yellow hue. Al fresco dining was available as well.


I was there with my friends for lunch and they had different menus for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu wasn’t extensive with limited selections of rice and noodle dishes, soups and desserts.

Pandan Coconut (RM12.00)


Tom Yum Snapper (RM60.00)

We were caught-off-guard when our Tom Yum soup arrived, not expecting it  to be such a small portion for that price tag. There were less than ten pieces of fish fillets in the soup and portion of other ingredients were a little too scarce too. I really thought that the portion should be slightly bigger for this price.

Portion aside, the flavour was satisfying nonetheless. Laced with lots of fiery heat from the chilies, the broth had solid balance of sourness and savory note. That’s my kind of Oomph that I crave in Thai cuisine.


Green Curry Chicken Rice (RM20.00)

It’s not the usual soupy green curry chicken but more like a stew dish with tender chicken chunks coated with tasty thick gravy from slow cooking of various spices and herbs.


Thai Omelette Rice (RM20.00)

Rice bowl topped with golden fluffy omelette with crispy edges. But 20 bucks for this, are you serious? (´・_・`)


Crispy Chicken with Kailan Rice (RM20.00)

Again, for that price, I really hoping for more chicken.


Charred Rice Noodles (RM20.00)

The rice noodles with beef slices and vegetables was delightfully prepared. The noodles was nicely charred on the outer with pleasant smoky flavour.


Prawn Pad Thai (RM25.00)

As famous as our street food Char Kway Teow, this Thai version of Pad Thai with prawns is the epitome of Thai flavors. With hints of sweetness and good savory balance, the noodles also have a decent wok heat. The texture of the noodles was probably the only thing we didn’t fancy. It was strangely chewy/rubbery, extremely difficult to bite and chew. 


Verdict: The food was certainly not shabby but did not mind blowing either. The food portion exceed expectation for the price paid and I thought they could be more generous with that. I’m regret to tell that our dining experience did not manage to lure us for a second visit.


Krung Thep

Lot G05, Republik Damansara Heights, 1 Jalan Medan Setia 1

Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-7622 8760

Operating hours: 

Tues – Sun: 12.00pm to 2.30pm &  5.30pm to 9.30pm. 

Close on Monday.





  • This place is from the same owners who brought us Tapestry. I was made aware of that when I got an invite from Krung Thep when they read my review of Tapestry. Of course, I did not take them up on the offer. The fact is groceries/perishables prices have been steadily climbing over the years (we know that when we do our marketing) and a bowl of noodles or a plate of chap fan can easily cost RM8 – RM10 in a coffee shop these days. So, in retrospect I don’t feel that RM20 is expensive for a standalone rice dish in a place like this but I would certainly want or hope for more generous portions. It’s not easy to be in the F&B business nowadays with margins eroded by rising food prices, rent, utilities & workers’ salaries. >_<

    • Kris, I’m totally understand the price increase of ingredients but we really couldn’t accept the portion given especially the omelette rice, which was egg+rice only.

  • I would want to wallop the green curry chicken rice. Looks damn tempting!

  • bila saya boleh pergi? T_T

  • This vicinity of Damansara Heights is catered truly for orang atas standard. They only want small portions and nice ambiance with good service only. Prices, they don’t even care la.

    I am still bookmarking this place to go and eat when dine-in is allowed. I am tempted to try their menu from 4 regions of Thailand. You know what? Most Thai folks outside Bangkok City does not even know where or what is the word “Bangkok”. You must only say Krung Thep. LOLOL **Speaking from my experience.

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