Lek Lek Restaurant @ Seri Kembangan

Seri Kembangan definitely a place that I seldom venture to when come to food hunting because it’s too far from where I stay and will most probably end up at no where or a thousand kilometer away from my destination =.=”

But luckily I have a group of friends which like food as much as me brought me here to Lek Lek Restaurant nestled in a commercial area at Seri Kembangan for some exquisite Chinese cuisine.


黑虎掌炖汤 Double Boiled Black Tiger Palm Soup

Our first course was the crucial dish in Chinese cuisine ~ the soup, served in humongous porcelain bowl. We were shocked when we heard one of the ingredient of this double-boiled soup; the BLACK TIGER PALM! What the hell is that!? I believe you react the same when you saw the name of the soup right?

It’s actually a kind of fungus originates from Sichuan Province of China which has great nutritional value such as cleanse the blood and plays a role in reducing cholesterol in the blood. More details please refer HERE.

The broth was dark in colour with very intense herbal aroma and flavors from the long simmering of the precious ingredients of Black Tiger Palm fungus, dried scallop, mushroom, and some Chinese herbs. Every spoonful was so soothing and nourishing~


鼓汁石斑 Black Bean Grouper

A dish that packed with punch and flavors from the black bean sauce, bird’s eye chili, spring onions, and onions. The pieces of fried beancurd puffs gave it an additional crunchy factor.


南乳烧鸡 Roasted Nam Yue Chicken

The whole bird sitting gloriously waiting for us 😛

The roasted skin was unquestionably crispy but the meat was however quite bland most probably the seasoning not well penetrated in.


蒜茸螺 Garlic Snails

Some might recoiled when they heard or saw the word of “snails” especially rows snailssssss! Quite an impact huh 😛 Fret not, this is edible and not your ordinary garden snail. The texture was a bit chewy, infused with a lots of pungent garlic sauce.


黑椒焗金凤 Black Pepper Fish

Tilapia cooked with black pepper in dual style.

Fish fillet was steamed with black pepper, garlic and Shimeji mushrooms.


The second style features pieces of the fish with bones stir fried with spicy peppery dark sauce with garlic, onion, spring onion and chili.


胜瓜炒杂 Stir Fried Angle Loofah

Arrived in a myriad of colours consisted of a ton of ingredients such as angle loofah, wood ear fungus, carrot, broccoli, fresh lili bulb, onion and garlic. Flavor was light and showcase the natural taste and texture of each ingredients.


西芹猪肚丝 Sautéed Shredded Pork Stomach and Intestine with Celery

Not a fan of pig offal but I found myself munching happily these pork stomach, intestines, celery, bell peppers and carrot strips prepared in black pepper sauce.


干烧猪根肉 Pan Fried Pork

The “Zhu Gan Mok”  a precious part of porcine was pan fried to a  golden crispy finish with texture of slightly chewy resemble tendon. The meat was salty and robust in flavor made everyone dug in with gusto and forgetting the cholesterol we gained >.<


Dip into their house-made sambal chili to kicking up the scrumptious level a few notches!


一支骨 Whole Pork Ribs

The pork rib was marinated and deep fried then dressed with sweet and savory sauce. The marinade was a magic ingredient creating a burst of flavors which complemented the meat so well, the flavors literally burst in my mouth after I bite into them!


化骨龙 Stuffed Mackerel

The whole mackerel was meticulously deboned then stuffed with its own fish paste with some other ingredients such as carrot and etc.


田鸡皮两吃 Paddy Frog’s Skin in Duo Style

We were totally no idea on what we were eating and good time guessing what is this until the chef came in and reveal the answer. A truly “exotic” food that we never come across! Paddy frog skin! Our eyes almost popping out when we knew about what we actually enjoy immensely just a second before this! Although it’s quite a shock but to be frank, the frog’s skin was delightful and awesomely crunchy.


Frog Skin in Honey Sauce

Salt and Pepper Frog Skin


Fried Hokkien Mee

We ended our splendid dinner with this special prepared Hokkien Mee, I know it sound wrong but who cares, haha! By just looking at the amount of fried lard on the noodle, enough to send my brain into “food orgasm”, no kidding. The thick strands of noodles were well braised in dark aromatic soy sauce with just the right consistency, not too wet or dry. There’s something about that distinctive flavor that beguiles me into forgetting my disdain for my growing waistline……

Food served at Lek Lek Restaurant definitely worth the journey I’ve traveled all the way to Seri Kembangan. What do you think?


  Lek Lek Restaurant

  No 12, Jalan PSK4
  Pusal Perdagangan SK
  43300 Seri Kembangan
  Selangor Darul Ehsan.

  Tel: +603-8941 3404



Restaurant Lek Lek at Seri Kembangan


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