Lou Sang at Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine @ Wisma Elken, Old Klang Road

My next Lou Sang excursion had me at Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine @ Wisma Elken, Old Klang Road. Japanese style Lou Sang to be precise 😛 Thank you for the invitation from Merryn and with a group of foodie friends we gathered at Xenri on Thaipusam holiday last week.



A sense of tranquility greeted me once I stepped into Xenri. The place adopted a simple wooden theme and dressed in pleasant soft lighting which really set a right mood for dining.



The counter bar seating, patrons can get some skillful kitchen action such as slicing sashimi and etc.

We were usher to another section slightly further in the restaurant and I was mesmerized by this.


An indoor water stream with koi fishes and pebbles!


Kids definitely excited with this special water feature however more attention is needed to prevent them for falling into the water >_<“



This was our private dining area in tatami style. The place is spacious and tastefully partitioned with oak wooden and curtain.





I like how the restaurant is nicely partitioned into many private sections which can accommodate different groups of patrons, an ideal venue for some functions and occasions that need more privacy.



Come in big group? Fret not, this tatami area can simply fit 16-18 guests.


We were here for their Yee Sang and the “kiasu-ness” and “glutton-ness” of us, we had 3 Yee Sang that afternoon!  Yes, you read me right, 3 Yee Sang in one go!


The more the merrier, the more of wealth, health and prosperous showering us in this coming brand new year!



Organic Apple Yee Sang (RM 68.00++)


Vegetarian rendition of Yee Sang has become one of the trend of recent years because the health conscious lifestyle. Xenri also come up with their version of Organic Apple Yee Sang which comprises organic apples, seaweed, carrot, cucumber, pomelo, tempura bits, crushed peanuts and more served with chef’s specially prepared apple sauce as dressing. The concoction was fresh to the palate and I like the addition of seaweed which provide a different crunchy factor to the overall bite.



The organic apple sauce as Yee Sang dressing.



Xenri Premium Yee Sang (RM 128.00)


For sashimi lovers, you will definitely enthralled by this luxurious version of Yee Sang with premium cut of FIVE types of fishes which included salmon, amberjack, butter fish, red tuna, and jellyfish. Air flown from Japan twice a week, the freshness of the fishes is guaranteed and it was indeed divine, tasting wonderfully sweet with hints of oceanic notes.



Jelly Fish and Salmon Yee Sang (RM 98.00)

The last Yee Sang we had was the combination of sliced Salmon and jelly fish with others freshly prepared ingredients such as assorted seaweeds, julienned carrot, cucumer, white radish and tempura bits. I like the way the fresh ingredients leave plenty of room for he Salmon to shine its flavors. Both Premium and Salmon & Jelly Fish Yee Sang are served with chef’s special plum sauce.


After the Yee Sang tossing session, we also ordered some others food from their ala carte menu.


Green tea (cold & hot)



Morokkyu (RM 10.00++)

A refreshing appetizer of Japanese cucumber with fermented barley miso. My first time tried this and I like how both ingredients complemented  each other perfectly.



Hawaiian Maki (RM 35.00++)

Our breaded giant prawn and mango roll appeared appealingly with the prawn head displayed nicely on the plate. The vibrant orangey sliced mango topped with tabiko really triggers the urge to pop one into my mouth.




Dragon Maki (RM 35.00++)

Consisted of both my favourite ingredients of grilled unagi and avocado. The moreish unagi combined well with the creaminess of the avocado, it didn’t take long for us to gobble it all up in jiffy!



Spicy Salmon Maki (RM 35.00++)

Last but no least, the maki roll with crab stick and topped with fresh salmon, dollop of spicy mayo and ikura. The mayo sauce was not burning hot but with a tinge of mild spiciness, successfully tone down the richness of the mayonnaise.

Verdict: If you get bored of the common 8 or 10 course Chinese style set menu, here’s definitely your ideal place to have your Yee Sang tossing session pair with decent Japanese meal.



Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine

No.9, Wisma Elken, Jalan 4/137C, Batu 5
Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-7783 8118

Website: www.xenri.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/xenri


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