>Valentine Roti

>What’s your reaction when you saw someone claimed that they are “BEST ROTI CANAI”? Sure you will as curious as me & can’t wait to try that out right?

The best roti canai look like this, nothing special huh~~ The only different I found out is the roti canai is more crispier than the others =.=”

Roti Telur

Roti Sardine
Big serving with a lots of sardine filling & quite spicy too~~

Nasi Lemak & Mata Kerbau

Valentine Roti

Stor No.1,
Jalan Semarak,
54000 K.L
(Diagonally Opposite Wisma Celcom)

Open from 4pm – 2am Daily


  • >Alas 🙁 how dissapointing!!

    I had a much better experience at Bayu Perdana, Klang, this little stall serving GORENG PISANG didn't have to boast about being the best … they simply are 🙂

  • >mm..I know one super tasty roti canai stall..
    It is a small stall under a tree in Metroprima, Kepong.
    Their Roti Canai really is the best, and I love their roti sardin, roti pisang, mihun goreng,…. The price is very cheap too!

  • >probably the secret lies in their technique to make them crispy?
    read bout this place b4, dunno whose blog.

    raju also seems to be serving great rotis, but a bit expensive.

  • thenomadGourmand

    >raju's ok only laa..too much hype in my opinion.

    had good rotis at a few places, one is recom by fBB is banana jones in bangsar.
    Mine recom is at Jln Dua, Chan Sow lin. crispy, cheap, tastes great. (the dough they make is tastier)

  • >Not too good after all?

    Even if you say so, I would be SUPER happy if there's one plate of it in front of me. Haha! The roti sardine looks so good.

  • >i agree with j2kfm. Raju's roti .. got ganja and got suga.. can die i tell u 😛 (me and cumi's all time fave)

  • >the nasi lemak looks ok for me. how was it taste?

  • >nice name for a roti canai stall.

  • >this is opposite om burger, right? to me, the test is the maggi mee goreng..hehe..will check it out when i'm in the area (or while ta pau-ing the burger..hehe).

  • >The nasi lemak look much better though 🙂

  • >haha有时水准问题很难每次都好

  • backStreetGluttons

    >The best roti canai is made by BSG ( because we have the recipe from Pelita )thats what we tell roti canai people who say they are da best !

  • >突然想起 好久沒有吃roti canai 了 😛

  • >Julian: Ya, I read ur post abt the pisang goreng, it's yummy 🙂

    jean: Hmm… I stay at Kepong but not sure which mamak u mentioned ler???

    j2kfm, thenomadgourmand: Where is Raju ar? *scratch head*

    sugar bean: I know roti canai cost a bomb at UK 😛

    cumi&ciki: U make me wanna try that Raju's roti canai!!!

    谗鬼: The nasi lemak not bad ~~

  • >foodbin: 🙂

    nic: Om burger at Ampang rite? But this is at Jln Semarak wor o.O''

    jason: Both average only~~

    sock peng: 对, 口味也是每个人都不同 😛

    bsg: So u meean Pelita have best roti canai??

    影子: 要吃应该不难吧, 除非你不在大马 🙂

  • >下次回去一定要去吃吃看!

  • >Wah this is so nice …….. Love their crispy roti

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