Yen Can Cook ~ Japanese Clam Soup

Japanese Clear Clam Soup or Asari No Sumashijiru in Japanese is another simple recipe to be added into my clam recipes collection. Recipes will be listed out at the end of this post.

Only a few ingredients are needed for this fast and easy soup dish and the result is lightly flavoured broth with fresh umami taste from the Kombu and clams. Let’s try it!


Ingredients (Serve: 3-4)

450-500g clams (Little Neck Clam)

1pcs Kombu 

1 tablespoon sake

950ml water

Salt to taste


Step 1: If you’re using fresh clams, follow the steps below to de-grit  them.

Rinse the clams in running water, and scrub if necessary. Put them into a large bowl with and cover with water. Add in salt generously and leave for a couple of hours, then drain and rinse well to remove any grit or sand.

Step 2: In a pot/saucepan, add in water, Kombu and clams, boil with medium heat. 

Step 3: When water just start boiling with small bubbles appear around the edges of the pot, discard the Kombu. Lower the heat and skim the foam if necessary. 

Step 4: When all the clams open up (remove any unopened clams), add sake. Add salt to taste and turn off the heat. Don’t overcook the clams.

Step 5: Serve.


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