Moody Cow Cafe @ Transfer Road, Georgetown, Penang

What’s the chemical reaction when salted egg meets with cheese? An explosion of flavors I tell ya!


Moody Cow Cafe, a little cafe located at Transfer Road, Georgetown, Penang that prides itself for the wide varieties of cheese cake combination such as salted egg, salted egg + meat floss, jackfruit, durian, Rum and many more. There are more than 150 types of cheesecakes in the selection but the café will offer more than a dozen different types of cheesecakes daily.



Sam was immediately attracted by the huge teddy bear sitting in the baby chair once we stepped into the cafe.



More colourful teddy bears were displayed near the entrance.




The front part of the cafe was quite narrow with a few small marble tables paired with metal chairs placed against the wall and opposite the counter.



The place is painted in vibrant green and crimson red, quirky ornaments adorning the space and gave the space a playful vibe.



Go further in was another section which was rather dimly lit.

Left: without flash Right: with flash



Romantic dessert date, anyone?




There is also a more spacious dining area tastefully decorated in Victorian style. The vintage yet elegant ambiance was beautifully accentuated by the eclectic collection of Victorian style furniture, lighting and ornaments.


Food served at Moody Cow Cafe was pretty simple with some pasta dishes, beverages and an array of different types of cakes.


Iced Peach Tea & Latte



Beijing Moon (RM 20.00 / pcs)

Price was on higher side for a piece of cheese cake but the huge size definitely more than enough to be shared by 2-3 persons.



An utterly sinful yet decadent piece of cheese cake with luscious creamy cheese layer followed by savory salted egg. The combination sound really weird but believe me, you just have to try this to understand the wonder that happen in your mouth!



They certainly not skimp on ingredients, the salted egg hidden within obviously more than I can handle! Sharing is a must here!



‘Diets are for losers, eat the cake!’ Absolutely love this quote!



Verdict: The cheese cake combinations offered at Moody Cow definitely score point for novelty, the flavors was equally astonishing. No hesitation on recommending this place if you are an adventurous foodie!



Moody Cow Cafe
170,Transfer Road,10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 2pm to 12am (Daily)


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