Snow Beer @ Kafe Sun Yoon Wah, Ipoh

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After the bean sprout chicken rice dinner, we loitering around the town and found that there wasn’t much can do in Ipoh except eat, eat and eat. So we proceed to our next destination which was supposed to be our supper spot but we reached there circa 8pm+ .

The main reason we came to Kafe SUn Yoon Wah was this, the snow beer!

Wonder what is snow beer?

The beer glass is chilled until frozen and when served, the beer foam turn icy and the beer itself remained super cold but still in liquid form.


Snow Beer (Asahi) – RM 17.50 / bottle


The frothy beer~


Very interesting indeed and the frozen foam was smooth and the beer tasted less “bitter” in this super cold temperature.





We also order some food to go with our snow beer. Don’t play play, a small restaurant like this do their ordering with wireless PDA, so hi-tech man!


Blanched Octopus (RM 15.00)


The octopus was fresh and crunchy, simply dressed with fried garlic oil for its best original taste.


Chili dipping for those who want more punchy kick.



Fried Pork Intestine with Dried Shrimp (RM 16.00)


This tasted fabulous! The pork intestines was fried with lots of pork lards, big size dried shrimps, garlic and spring onions in dark soy sauce.  Awesomely tasty with bursting flavor which has gotten me really ecstatic!



Stuffed Chicken Wings (RM 3.60 / wing)

We ordered this from a stall next to Sun Yoon Wah manned by an old lady. The chicken wings were de-boned and stuffed with chicken meat and some fish paste. I didn’t like the crumbled skin which was quite oily and the filling taste was rather bland too.



Kafe Sun Yoon Wah

No. 7, Jalan Bijeh Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: +605-253 9980













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Café Sun Yoon Wah


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