Wong Chi Kei 黄枝记 @ Wellington Street, Hong Kong

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After asking direction from a few locals we finally reached Wong Chi Kei 黄枝记 for our dinner. 

Wong Chi Kei is well-known for their wanton noodles made from a bamboo stick (to compress the flour mix) since 1946. The founder of this shop, Mr. Wong Wun Chi learnt the skill from a noodle master in Canton and the shop is now entering 3rd generation with total of 3 branches at Macau and Hong Kong.

The restaurant was brightly lit with Chinese influenced marble top tables and stools. Other than the famous wonton noodle there are also extensive choices of congee, fried noodle and rice.

Lemon Ribena (HKD 22.00)


Honey Ginger Tea (HKD 22.00)


Shrimp Dumpling Noodle in Soup 鲜虾云吞面 (HKD 30.00)

Hubby had the soupy version, portion was relatively small if compare with ours but the plumb dumpling (wonton) definitely compensated the gripe. A whole prawn with minced meat wrapped within the silky skin, popped the morsel into your mouth to feel that satisfactory! Thehandmade noodle worth a mentioned too, springy and well absorbed the flavors from the soup.


Braised Noodle with Shrimp’s Egg 招牌虾子捞面 (HKD 40.00)

While the soup wonton noodle passed with flying colours the most anticipated Har Zi Mien was a lil bit let down. I found egg noodles with dried shrimp roe scattered on top a tad too dry because there was no sauce used to toss the noodle.  However, each bite is still bursting with flavours of the shrimp’s  roes.


  Wong Chi Kei 黄枝记
  No.15B Wellington St.,
  Central, Hong Kong.
  Tel:852-2869 1331
  Central MTR Station (Exit D2)


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