Awakening by Iggo @ Klang

I have always thought Klang is synonymous with Bak Kut Teh but a visit to Cafe Awakening by Iggo proved my wrong!

An extension of Iggo Cafe at Setia Alam, Awakening by Iggo is quite far for me (I believe for some of you too) but I’m readily make an exemption to travel a lengthy distance to devour good coffee as well as the good food.


Nestled in the busy commercial area of Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang, Awakening Cafe stands out with its minimalist design if compared to other cafes that are decked out in fancy decors.


The cafe receives great illumination of natural light from the floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Mix and match light wood and metal furniture partnered with a very comfortable atmosphere, it is a laid-back, casual and fuss free vibe that I’ll certainly enjoy.


Despite its simple setting, patrons can find cute decors such as cute little stickers of the scenes from the famous video game of Super Mario being put on the walls as well as some colourful origami.


Signature Chocolate Cone with Caffè Latte (RM10.00 + RM3.00 – chocolate cone )

The most raved item in Awakening Cafe is none other than this coffee in ice cream cone! Coffee of your choice being served in their house made ice cream cone which is lusciously covered by a layer of chocolate on the inside and crushed nuts. This serving of coffee certainly scored point for novelty as well as flavor.

Although I’m not a coffee drinker but my partners in crime enjoyed immensely their coffee selection.


Down Under Ice Coffee (RM16.00)

Another special caffeine drink at Awakening which combines ice cream and iced coffee. It was aromatic and smooth to the palate.


If you are non-coffee drinker like yours truly, their beverage list also offers many other choices to cater multiple preferences.

Organic Hot Chocolate (RM13.00)

Ice Chocolate Cubes (RM15.00)

The flavor of both chocolate drinks are spot on, thick and intensely chocolaty.


Sparkling Yuzu (RM12.00)

Great thirst quencher for the hot weather.


Mushroom Bruschetta (RM10.00) & Chicken Ham Bruschetta (RM12.00)

Among these two, my vote went to the Mushroom Bruschetta which was nicely toasted bread topped with sauteed mushroom and drizzles of rich tangy balsamic vinegar dressing.


Mushroom Soup (RM8.00)

The soup was thick, creamy and beautifully aromatic with loads of earthy mushroom flavours.


Scotch Egg Salad (RM13.00)

I was intrigued to check this out when I saw it in the menu. The Scotch egg was nicely  executed with well flavoured minced meat coating and molten egg yolk. It was a perfect addition to complemented the crisp green with house made sesame dressing.


Roasted Pumpkin Salad (RM14.00)

Mama says eat your vegetables so we got our second order of salad 😛

The roasted pumpkin added sweetness and creaminess to the overall textures and flavors. The warm roasted pumpkin was a nice contrast to the fresh leafy greens, I also like the pumpkin seeds in the salad. Both salad were tossed with same sesame dressing with hint of wasabi, love it love it.


Pork Stew Risotto (RM20.00)

A very rare rendition of pork stew risotto showcased toothsome bite of the rice that fully absorbed the flavors of the pork stew. it was rich, creamy and but the texture was slightly overcooked (not the al-dente that I fond to but I think it’s more acceptable for majority) Paired with cherry tomatoes, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts for a wholesome combination.



Salted Egg Yolk Pasta (RM19.00)

Call me bias, but I love everything with salted egg yolk (who doesn’t?) The pasta lusciously coated with a sandy orange salted egg yolk sauce and studded generously with fresh bouncy prawns and squid rings. Sprinkles of herbs and shaved cheese completed the dish. Awakening’s version was decent but could have been better with extra heat element, more chili perhaps?


Basil Pesto Pasta with Fried Calamari (RM18.00)

Pesto sauce undoubtedly not the most popular choices when comes to pasta due to its discernible herbaceous taste (basil to be precise). The version here mild but carried a nice balance flavors of herb, nuttiness and cheesiness without being overpowering. The earthy sauce as well as the cherry tomatoes  successfully cut through the slightly greasiness of those fried calamari rings. Stamping my approval for this scrumptious dish…



Spaghetti with Basil in Tomato Sauce (RM16.00)

Sam always fan of tomato base pasta and always her obligatory order whenever it appears in the menu. Her plate of pasta submerged in simple light and tangy fresh tomato sauce and finished with shaved parmesan enough to make her a happy girl 🙂



Classic Red Wine Beef Stew (RM20.00)

This definitely my kind of comfort food with its rich thick and tasty flavours of savoury beef stew filled with chunks of meat, velvety smooth potato puree and toasted breads. The special red wine gravy was ravishingly flavourful and I think it is a great sauce to paired with the potato puree. Those meat pieces however not to my liking as they were soft but not as tender as I’ve hoped. But it’s still a good choice to order when one is seeking for comfort food.


Chicken Parmigiana (RM20.00)

This dish is unpretentious but surprisingly hit the spot and proved to be one of the memorable dish that afternoon. Chicken Parmigiana is is one of the more popular Italian-American consists of a breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

Awakening’s version featured a piece of crispy crumbed chicken topped with ham, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Although chicken breast is used but it was amazingly not dry or bland like I would expected to be. Showcases a satisfying dimension of flavors and adeptly fried to a perfection, then further complemented by the refreshing tomato sauce and melted cheese. The chicken was served with a side of salad and French fries. Everything on this dish screamed simple but deliciously executed.


Panna Cotta (RM10.00)

Ultra smooth sweetened cream topped with generous berry coulis and some fresh berries. The sweet and sourish marriage suffice to bring joy to you.


Affogato (RM9.00)

Since their coffee was spot on, so we had to order this coffee-based dessert of Affogato. It’s an interplay of a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of hot espresso that will hit you with bold espresso notes and cold ice cream.


Signature Banana crumble with Chocolate Ice Cream (RM13.00)

Featuring banana puree layered crunchy crumble and crowned with a scoop of chocolate ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce. This one was decent but it was a tad too sweet for my palate.


French Toast with Bacon, Banana & Berries Compote (RM16.00)

Save the best for last!

There was so much happening on the the plate with French toast piled with bacon and grilled banana, a serving of maple syrup and berries compote. Thick eggy toast sandwiching luscious peanut butter really knocked my socks off, the combination is more than superficially striking. The supporting cast of grilled bananas, bacon and crushed nuts supplying a lovely flavours and textures to the dessert. This one definitely has a place among one of the best French toast I’ve eaten thus far. An absolute sin for weight-watchers and possibly bad for your waistline, but it is too good to pass up!



Do check out their set lunch too which I think is quite a good deal.


Verdict: Overall, Awakening by Iggo is easily beat my expectations on what they came up with. Good food, great coffee, attentive service is what you can expect to find here.


Awakening by Iggo

30-0, Lorong Batu Nilam 21A, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

Tel: 03-3319 9039

Operating Hours: 12.00pm – 12.00am daily



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