Big Bus Tours (Hong Kong Trip)

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As  mentioned  previously, we have chosen Big Bus Tours as we need a flexible tour around Hong Kong due the fact that we have a three year old Sam tagging along.  We really love the “Hop-on, Hop-off concept”. We can choose to hop-off one bus at any of the stop-points and simply hop-on to another bus when we are done. The buses frequency is around 30-40 minutes per  stop which gave you plenty of time to explore the tourist spots nearby the stop.

If you have been to their website, there are a few categories of tours. We bought the Deluxe Tour (48 hours) for USD 45.00 per pax after a 15% discount – fixed date tickets ONLY! (Valid till 31st August 2012).

Since we have bought the tickets online, we need to redeem our passes at Big Bus Info Centre @ Tsim Sha Tsui near Star Ferry Harbour. The TWO days passes consist of unlimited rides on THREE separate bus routes,  plenty of Star Ferry tickets, entrance tickets to The Peak, Sampan ride at Arbedeen and a boat cruise around Victoria Harbour .

The moment we have the passes, we boarded the  Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island as we want to ride the Red Route Bus Line. The other route available at Hong Kong Island is Green Line  which we decided to board the next day.

Star Ferry Pier


The boarding pathway.


The fishing boat.

We were greeted graciously by the stunning view of sky scrappers of Hong Kong.

The Star Cruise.


Again, why do we choose the Big Bus Tours? The photo above pretty much explained everything :P.  Sam can have her nap anytime in the bus and we simply alight at any of the ‘stop point’ to explore further.


Sam and daddy posing excitingly in front of the Big Bus!

Basically Big Bus Tours is a sightseeing double-decker bus with air-conditioned lower deck and roofless upper deck.

The upper deck

It’s close to summer-time and Only “guai lou” sit on upper deck =.=” *HOT*. It was close to 37 Celsius that time.



A multi-lingual audio system in the bus offering you a personal tour commentary in a choice of 10 languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.


The Hong Kong Tram ~ Ding Ding

Bamboo pole and scaffolding that use in building construction


Golden Bauhinia Square (金紫荊廣場)


Some high-rise architectures along the bay.



Along the Red Line route, we alighted at Times Square & Causeway Bay for a walk.

The winding escalator.


Supermarket in Times Square.


The Deli

Some of the food/snacks on display at the supermarket.


 Lovely merchandises of one of the cafe in the supermarket.


HKD 18 or RM4.30 for a piece of roti canai! (exchange rate: HKD 100.00 = RM 42.00)

Closer to the evening, we managed to sit at the upper deck when the temperature cool down. What greeted us were impressive skyscrapers up-close. That’s the appeal of open deck in a place full of high-rise buildings!

That’s the end of our Red Line tour @ first day  and  I took this photo at the pier before we boarded the Star Ferry to Kowloon. Magnificent!


We started our second Big Bus Tour on our 3rd day at Hong Kong on Green Line Route that day. We passed by the following places:-

Repulse Bay



Repulse Bay


Barbeque pits by the seaside.




Aberdeen, where we can alight to take the complimentary sampan ride take; but alas we have to skip it as Sam was still in her sweet dream ~.~ (napping again in a hot afternoon)


Ocean Park from far >.<

For more details of  Big Bus Tour Hong Kong, please click HERE.

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