Chinese New Year 2015 Set Menu @ Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya


Reign in prosperity and good fortune in the Year of Wooden Sheep with Ee Chinese Cuisine’s sumptuous feasts specially prepared by Master Chef Yong Kam Wah and his talented team.

Chinese New Year is all about families, friends and loved ones getting together under one roof for a favourably and promising moments. It’s become a tradition for me to have friends gathering at Ee Chinese Cuisine every year at this time of the year to usher in the brand new year.



Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang (响铃三文捞起)

Yee Sang is a must have delicacy for Chinese New Year. Restaurants has created with so many new and innovative version of Yee Sang nowadays such as Fruits Yee Sang, Abalone Yee Sang, Roasted Lamb Yee Sang and etc. We had the most traditional Yee Sang that evening with colourful julienned  fresh and pickled vegetables, assorted nuts and seeds and fresh sliced Salmon.



Sliced Salmon meticulously arranged in flower shape.




Toss for good luck, health and prosperity! The higher the Yee Sang is tossed, the more prosperous on will get in the coming year, Lou Hei Lou Hei!



Double Boiled Sun Dried Seafood Soup with Pigeon (海味松菇鸽盅汤)

Our next course was an unique creations that work deliciously! The “floating cloud” was made from minced pigeon meat after some painstaking process and the end result was heavenly with melt-in-your mouth texture.


Hiding underneath was broth that exude wholesome richness of sea treasures such as fish maw, dried scallop and sea cucumber. The deep oceanic flavored soup was extremely soothing and definitely is a soup that you would want to savor it slowly until the last drop.



Oven Baked Live Oyster with Cheese (秘制焗生蚝)

A not so “Chinese” dish of baked oyster appeared on our table and it was indeed much anticipated as I’ve tried this before and it was awesome! Smothered in luscious black pepper melted cheese sauce and perfectly baked, the shucked oyster still retained its juiciness. Can I encore?



Poached Capon Traditional Style (白切阉鸡)

A well executed classic dish of poached capon that commonly available on during festive season. The version here is delicious with the poultry had firm bite without scary fat layer underneath.


Ee’s special spicy green chili sauce and ginger sauce definitely jazz up the flavors with extra kick!



Baked Cod Fish with Egg Caviar (塞螃鳕鱼)


Modern and insanely good! The highly prized cod fish was baked to perfectly, slightly crispy glazed on the edges with delicate and sweet flesh. Paired with creamy and tender egg white caviar which really oomped up the fish and manage to evoke a sigh of satisfaction.



Braised Cabbage with Eight Treasure (花开富贵)



The braised cabbage was meticulously presented in a hemisphere shape filled with eight ingredients which included dried scallop, dried oyster, mushroom, salted egg yolk, lotus seeds, prawns, sea cucumber and chestnut. Digging in the stuffing definitely resemble a game of treasure hunting 😛




Fried Rice with Seafood and Rice Crackers (鱼子脆米炒丝苗)


A fried rice that wowed everyone! Yes, everyone of us that evening! This fried rice that fully speckled with vibrant orangey tobiko (flying fish roe) undoubtedly the prettiest fried rice I’ve ever seen!


The fluffy rice with an eggy edge was aromatic and laden bountifully with seafood, spring onion, crispy rice crackers and the fish roes that provided the pleasant popping sensation. I enjoyed it immensely and totally forgot my low carbo diet ~>_<~



Double Boiled White Fungus, Ginko and Hasma (雪耳金果炖雪蛤)


I welcomed the lightly sweet dessert broth gladly to cleanse away the heavy notes of the luscious dinner.



Sweet Duet (双拼美点)


Featuring the durian pastry and fried Nian Gao (rice cake) with yam.


Filled with pungent and creamy durian paste, the flaky pastry was simply intoxicating for a durian lover like me 😛 The classic rendition of fried Nian Gao with yam was equally tantalizing too, a sweet and lovely ending~~

Check out the Chinese New Year set menus and Reunion Buffet Dinner as below:-

Chinese New Year Set Menus

RM538++ per table of 4 persons
RM988++ per table of 6 persons
RM1388++ to RM4688++ per table of 10 persons

Available from 1 February to 5 March 2015 (Lunch & Dinner)
Good Fortune Reunion Set Dinner
RM2388++ or RM4688++ per table of 10
Available on 18 February 2015 (6.30pm – 10pm)Reunion Buffet Dinner
International Buffet, at Swez Brasserie
RM108++ (Adult) or RM54++ (Children)
Available on 18 February 2015 (6.30pm – 10pm)
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