Ecole P @ Damansara Utama, P.J


I felt like as if I was transported back to my childhood days when I saw this board of multiplication table as I walked up to Ecole P.

‘Ecole’ means school in French and ‘P’ stands for primary, ‘Primary School’ in short. That’s the concept Steven Heng and Irene Tee the owner of Ecole P want to presented to patrons of Ecole P.






Decorated with eclectic mix of ornaments from those primary school days such as stationery, comic books, trophies, batu Seremban, tikam, Rukun Negara, blackboard and etc.




Also part of the display are those toys, candies and junk food we (for those same era with me, LOL) used to enjoy secretly without let the parents know :p Those toys and food are for sale too if you interested to bring back home some.

Arghh….. those are the fondest memories during our childhood years, precious and priceless.



The interior isn’t too spacious with only 5 – 6 tables which can easily filled up. We were there on a weekday night, the place was almost fully occupied and a steady stream of customers walking in and out of the cafe.



Outdoor seats.



We were ushered to our table which appeared to be the school wooden desk with scratchings and doodles of correction pen. There is school bag hung on the side of each table which they keep the metal petal box with cutlery inside, but too bad I forgot to take a photo of it >_<“



Props with the “childish” words that we always used when we were young were placed on every table. So funny until I accidentally laugh out when I saw it!




Sam had fun time playing with those props provided as well as myself, hehe 😛




The menu is printed in brown school exercise books, another lovely touch. A complimentary bowl of biscuit will be served upon seated.



Chinese TEAcher (RM 9.00 / single pot)

Their tea selection is named after TEAchers. I had this Chinese TEAcher which was a combination of Earl Grey + Marmalade + Orange. The tea was served with syrup in a baby bottle, how cute~~~



Power Ranger (RM 9.00)

We also had their mocktail which made from fresh fruits & fruit juice served creatively in take away tied plastic bag and metal mug. It was a refreshing concoction of lychee, mango, passion fruit, orange &  honey.



Citrus Salad (RM9.90)

Had their Citrus Salad as appetizer and we certainly got off on the right foot! The textures and the flavors of this colourful concoction was amazing from the hearty ingredients such as green leaves, orange segments, dried fruits, sliced tomatoes, raisins, cooked chicken and the magical sprinkles of haw flakes. It was indeed a great palate opener with tangy wolfberry dressing.



Ecole P’s ‘Three Emperors’ (RM 14.90)


This most probably one of the most unique version of baked egg that I’ve ever had. Served with toasted breads, the baked egg was laced with bits of salted egg, century eggs, sausages in a savoury egg mixture infused with pumpkin cream. Talk about East meet West here~



Chicken Chop (RM17.90)

The chicken fillet obtained an extra crunch from the crushed “fish biscuit” coating however it also resulting a thicker batter. Luckily it was compensated with a well marinated meat and delicious sides of apple Asian slaw and mashed potato.



Chicken Tandoori Schnitzel (RM17.90)

This looks like another ordinary chicken Schnitzel right? No no no, it is a twisted version. The chicken breast was brined with honey and salt water, marinated with house made tandoori sauce and coated with breadcrumb before being pan fried. Served along was house made Raita sauce and corn flakes salad.



Seafood Linguine

The seafood linguine was filled with plenty of squids, mussels and prawns and tomato. The addition of garlic and basil leaves gave it an aromatic finish. Overall was fairly average and it could be better if the pasta is cooked al-dente as this was slightly too soggy for my liking.



Nasi Lemak Crème Brulee (RM 10.90)


I’ve heard so much about this Nasi Lemak Creme Brulee and finally I had it! After numerous times of trial and error, Steven and Irene has came out with their perfect version that served in the cafe. Brilliantly infused with elements from our national food, the French dessert has transformed into a new rendition. I can taste subdued ginger and coconut flavor in the custard and the fried anchovies, peanut and cucumber provided another dimension to the overall bite. To completed the Nasi Lemas dessert, the special made bawang samal berries sauce is served along.

This definitely a playful yet unique creation that manage to leave a strong impression to the diners but I still prefer my original creme brulee. Don’t get me wrong, its’ not bad at all, just a tad odd for my liking. Come & try it and let let me know what do you think.



Candy Crush Egg Waffle (RM 14.90)


Slightly messy on the presentation but don’t judge a book by its cover! The waffle served here is Hong Kong style “Kai Dan Zai” which has a crispy outer with soft and chewy inner. The egg waffle itself was fairly aromatic and what really surprised me was there is peanut butter and Nutella filling inside! Making this dessert more sinful were those chocolate sauce, orea crumb, honey star, toasted soft marshmallow and Kapiti chocolate ice cream. Oh My God, I feel “FAT” just by thinking of it, but who cares? Eat first, think later!



So, are you ready to back to school with me?


Verdict: A place that score high points for its decors, concept and the innovative menu. There are so much I wanna try such as Fish A La Laksa which is pasta in thick Asam Laksa sauce and The Ecole Burrito which is roti canai wraps, a revisit seem like a must!



Ecole P

First Floor, 19, Jalan SS21/37,Damansara Utama

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E

Tel: +603-7732-9711

Business Hours:Weekdays, 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

                        Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), 11am-10pm

                        Closed on Thursdays



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