Le Pont @ Old Klang Road, K.L (Revisit)

My previous pleasant visit to Le Pont had led me to this returning with my friends for  gathering a couple of weeks ago.


Le Pont definitely a pleasant space for assorted of gatherings. The interior design is contemporary and uncluttered which creates a soothing and inviting ambiance.


The smoker pit located at the furthest section of second floor dining area, where all those lovely smoked dishes come from.


Smoke Duck (RM14.00), Salmon (RM18.00), Chicken Wingettes (RM12.00), White Prawn (RM18.00), Whole White Button Mushroom (RM8.00)

We got ourselves a platter of assorted seafood, meat and greens skewers. I personally love the Whole White Button Mushroom grilled with garlic butter herbs which was tenderly soft and bursting with juice. Grilled upon order over the hot charcoal, the skewers were seasoned with different herbs and spices to enhanced the flavours. The fruit sauce was a plus as the skewers are already nicely flavourful on its own.


Seafood Soup Du Tomate (RM26.00)

The soup looked wonderful with its gorgeous hue of orange and medley of seafood. It was richly laced with a robust tomato flavors and moreish seafood essence, the tomato based seafood soup was delicious.


48 Hours Marinated Mackerel (RM38.00)

Dry aged for 48 hours and smoked in paprika, the fish was grilled over the charcoal, with a good smoky note and the flesh was moist and firm. Served with spicy citrus sauce & pickles.


Aromatic Chicken Wings (RM22.00 – 4pcs)

Smoky and slightly crispy on the outer, the smoked chicken wings brushed with fruity based home made BBQ sauce were finished in a jiffy, a popular dishes among the kids.


House Made Trio Sausage (RM24.00)

Those sausages are scrumptious enough to induce repeat orders. I like the pickles served at side, crunchy and light on acidity, great to offset the greasiness of our meaty-overloaded meal, just that I would have hoped for a bigger serving. o(^▽^)o


Barbeque Pizza (RM32.00)

The pizza had a rustic thin and crispy crust, blanket with tomato sauce before being topped with fresh Mozzarella, pineapple, minced chicken, shallots and herbs. Between the Quattro Formaggi Pizza that I tried on my last visit and this, my preference leans towards the former. Call me bias, I love everything with cheese, the more the merrier. This Barbeque Pizza was a bit too much sauce for my liking.


Le Pont Lamb Shank (RM50.00)

Braised in apricot sauce, the lamb flavour was decadently rich with bold spices cooked into thick sauce completed with carrots, mashed potato and french beans. Its fork-tender and has soaked up all the deliciousness of the sauce as well as the wonderful aroma. Certainly, a dish not to be miss!


Bailey Tiramisu (RM26.00)

Chocolate Fondant (RM22.00)

From the 3 dessert choices in the menu, we had Chocolate Fondant and Bailey Tiramisu, both were equally tantalizing. Another option is ice cream in either Vanilla or Chocolate flavor.

Made from layers of lightly smoked Mascarpone cream and finger sponge, the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu was punched up by a a shot of Baileys, buoyantly uplifting the flavours by notches! 

Sam, the avid chocolate fan opt for the Chocolate Fondant which was a dark crusty cake with gorgeous molten chocolatey center.  The hot chocolate lava was dark and luscious, contrasting against cold ice cream is deemed a perfect match in heaven!! 




Verdict: Needless to say, my recommendation of this gathering venue got a stamp of approval from my friends! Good food, warm service and comfortable environment, certainly a place worthy to spend a meal on.


Operating hours: 11.00am to 3:00pm & 6.00pm to 1.00am, daily

Website: http://www.lepontboulangerie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LePontSmokeAndGrillBar/


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