Lu Ding Kee 炉鼎记 @ Pudu

Before I was brought to XiaoLao Wang Hotpot, I’ve actually tried the Stomach with Chicken soup base steamboat at one of the many Chinese restaurants at Pudu. Being hub of Chinese cuisine eateries at KL area, one can get variety of regional cuisine being offered at restaurants here at Changkat Thambi Dollah named a few such as Dong Bei Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine and Xiang Cuisine.



Lu Ding Kee, specialized in Chicken & Pig Stomach Hotpot was not hard to be located with its bright signboard and the red lanterns hanging in front of the shop.




The restaurant has adopted an oriental theme of gold and red with full blast air-cond to make sure the patrons enjoy their hotpot in a comfortable way~




Murals of their signature dishes decorated the walls ~ Chicken & Pig Stomach Hotpot & Sizzling Chicken Hotpot.



Chinese Tea (RM 6.00+ / pot)



Sterilized Cutlery (RM 1.00+/set)

I really had a grouse with these chargeable sterilized cutlery which is quite common in “Chinese Style” restaurants. >_<///




Chicken & Pig Stomach Pot (RM 68.00+)

A huge claypot of soup with a portable stove was brought to our table with the main ingredients of chicken and pig stomach hiding in it. The soup appeared in murky colour with some wolfberries and red dates too. For the price we paid, we got half a chicken and a portion of pig stomach which were later taken out from the hotpot then cut into small pieces and  “throw” back to the soup for re-boiling . One also can opted for bigger portion of a whole chicken + 2 portion of pig stomach for the price of RM 108.00+




The enticing aroma was emitting while the soup start boiling and I can’t wait to attack! The soup was intensely flavored by pepper with tinge of herbal, very comforting as each sip brings warmness to the stomach 🙂



The chicken pieces was not too meaty but the portion of the pig stomach was generous though and well cleaned too, no unpleasant smell was detected 😛


The hoptpot alone definitely can’t feed us up, so we’ve order some ala-carte item from the menu too.


Spinach (RM 6.00+)



Pork Belly (RM 12.00+)



La Mien (RM 8.00+)

This need quite a longer time to be cooked but I like the springy texture of the  La Mien.



This is how Sam enjoyed her La Mien, slurp it up babe~~



Trying to escape? No way!


Verdict: Definitely not a place we can visit often since the price range is on higher side and I found that the peppery taste of the soup was too overwhelming, I still prefer THIS 😛


IMG_4456  Restoran Lu Ding Kee
  41, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
  Off Jalan Pudu
  55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-21438820


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