Melbourne Trip 2019 ~ Queen Victoria Market

Do you know that grocery shopping can be considered as therapeutic?

It is definitely for me as I greatly enjoyed my routine weekly grocery shopping. It is a place where I could imagine all the possible meals I could cook while strolling along the aisles which are well stocked with assorted of fresh produces and food products. Vegetables and fruits in vibrant colour, fresh fishes and meat, cheeses and assorted dairy products as well as canned food, snacks, and dried food from all over the world.

Well that feeling was amplified by many folds when I first stepped into the ever impressive Queen Victoria Market; Melbourne’s most well-known landmark. I smiled from ear to ear while I happily walked more than numerous stalls of fresh and specialty produce, great coffee and food, souvenirs and clothing.


Queen Victoria Market is Melbourne’s iconic marketplace in Melbourne which has been serving the people of Melbourne for more than 140 years. The seven hectares market occupying two block and divided into several sections trading a smorgasbord of products. 

The market open every day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays. Some months, they also open a Night Market at the same site, but this is not open year-round. Usually there’s one in winter. It is also the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, houses more than 600 small businesses, offers a variety of fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, delicatessen foods and wines. It also has a large non-food related market, selling a diverse range of clothing, shoes, jewellery, flowers, souvenirs, books, toys, beauty and health products, kitchen ware, gift and stationery as well as handmade arts and crafts, you name it, QVM has it! 


I’ll let the photos do the storytelling, shall we?

Assorted fresh seafood laid on ice, definitely a sight to behold.


We got a few trays of these for our home cooked dinner.


Beautiful displays of produce add colour to the market, making it a pleasure to shop for your five a day.



Fruits and vegetable section at outdoor boasts a careful selection of the season’s best produces. Organic, free-range, homegrown fruits and vegetables of every type are piled high at vendors stalls all around the market.  Bringing the market alive are the farmers and producers, spruiking their wares at the top of their voices, willing you to come, try and buy.  


This luscious punnet of berries was too good to pass by.


The wonderful deli hall is lined with everything from soft cheeses and Polish sausages to Greek dips and kangaroo biltong.

Pavilion Select Produce, their tagline ~ Best cheese Of My Life – Former cheese hater. Generously offer tasting sample to us and passionately his products, it’s no brainer that we bought some cheeses from him!


The cheese galore! 


An array of delicious charcuterie, truffles, pates, wines, olive oils and pastas.


My heaven!!! Wines are really affordable here!


Beautiful and dainty pastries, cakes, macarons were calling me, so it’s no secret that we admire the handiwork of pastries just as much as we love eating them.


Candies, nuts and dried fruits.


Regret not getting that Camel Balls Bubble Gum.  (^ц^ )


So if you are someone that loves coffee, Market Lane Coffee comes highly recommended. Patrons line up here to get a cup of that liquid gold that everyone seems to be incapable of doing without are epic.


Bratwurst roll, although not from the famous Bratwurst Shop & Co., it’s still very delicious with all the trimmings including mustard and sauerkraut.


Breakfast at the outdoor to “enjoy” the chilly weather, as well as seagulls and pigeon feeding. Sam just loves them ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


We also got this Borek, which is a Turkish delicacy which is basically baked filled pastry. The filling can be a number of ingredients such as cheese and spinach, potato and vegies, and spicy lamb. 


There’s also a small food court within the complex with wide variety of food options. Indoor and outdoor seats are available.


Clothing and knick-knack, souvenir stalls dominate the outdoor space.


Fancy to bring back home some kangaroo skins?


More food vendors at the outdoor. Chilly weather + sunshine, prefect weather to enjoy the city!


There were BBQ class and wine vendors with wine barrels too, it’s really an eye-opening experience to us!


American Doughnut Kitchen (Outside, Queen Street). This donut shop whips out jam-filled goodness, best enjoyed hot. It’s impossible to miss because of the long, long queue leading to it. Too bad we missed this (ノ﹏ヽ)


Busking performances are common sight at QVM.


We got a piece of grass fed Wagyu for mom to try out.


Cooked with garlic infused oil, not bad huh 😛



Our home cooked dinner with the beautiful fresh produces we bought from Queen Victoria Market.


Queen Victoria Market

Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia




Verdict: Queen Victoria Market certainly one of the Melbourne tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss. You can totally do this on your own (as I did), but if you want to learn more about the market — historically and gastronomically — you can join a food tour!



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