Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 @ Lenggeng,Negeri Sembilan

My once-a-year family trip this year took place at Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 tucked away at Lenggeng,Negeri Sembilan, approximately 1 hour plus drive from KL.(You may check our our KK trip 2 years ago) Although the address shown is at Negeri Sembilan but the location is quite near to Broga, a small town at Semenyih, Selangor. (think Broga Hill – a popular hiking trails for its impressive hilltop view.) Broga is actually sits right on the border of both the states of Negri Sembilan and Selangor.


With assist of navigation apps and signboards, we turned into the junction from the main road and followed the narrow tar road which led us to our accommodation for our 2D1N short getaway.


Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 – the entrance


Parking is available right after the entrance or further up to an open space near the villas.


Greeted by a huge pond with a lot of fishes once we entered the dining area of Mizuki Garden. Beside offers accommodation, there is also a restaurant serves Chongqing Cuisine (a sub branch of Sichuan Cuisine). We had our dinner here (pre-book is needed) and there was a big dinner crowd that day. However it wasn’t a pleasant dining experience though, will blog about that in different post.

Both accommodation and restaurant are managed by a China woman (not sure if she is the owner) who speaks Mandarin with strong regional accents 😛 All reservations are handled by her and recorded manually so do expect high possibility of mistakes such as overbook. >_<


There are 4 units of double storey villa with total of 14 rooms (if not mistaken) at this place. Ground floor and upper floor rooms are charged differently; RM198.00 for ground floor unit & RM238.00 for upper floor unit (twin sharing). We got ourselves 3 ground floor rooms and 2 upper floor rooms, they all look same to me so I don’t understand why there are different room charges. =.=”


The “villas” are built amidst a fairly hidden area away from the hustle bustle of the city with beautiful landscape such as waterlily ponds with fishes, water features, flowers and surrounded by plenty trees and plants. The downside is there are many mosquitoes during night time and they don’t provide any mosquito coil or electronic mosquito repellent.


The room featured a fully floor-to-ceiling glass walls, wooden flooring and completed with simple furniture of a Queen size bed, coffee table and chairs as well as a dressing table. The bed definitely not the most comfortable I’ve slept on but decent enough for a good night rest. There is an extra mattress under the bed too. The room is air conditioned, electrical kettle and hair dryer are provided but there is no WIFI connection and instant coffee packets or tea bags.


Towels and slippers are provided but the towel was still wet when we checked in, luckily we brought ours ~>_<~ Toiletries are not provided also but thank God that the bathroom was adequately clean.


There are 2 swimming pools here but only the kid’s pool was functioning. The adult pool (red arrow) was empty which I think is quite dangerous if someone accidentally fall into it.


The pool is big and they had the whole pool by themselves during our stay 😛 Water play session always the most anticipating activity for them ^__^


Actually there is nothing much can do here, oh ya, there is no TV as well in the room! We brought mahjong and playing cards. There nearest convenient store is located at Broga town which is 20 minutes drive from this place.


Breakfast was included in our room rate so we went down to the dining area/restaurant to have our breakfast.


Breakfast is in buffet style, simple Chinese style breakfast item such as fried rice, fried noodles, mantou, chives pancakes, green bean porridge and hard boiled egg were provided. No beverage was served though but there is a water dispenser with hot and cold water, so BYO your coffee, tea or whatever your much needed morning booster!


While the kid had their last dip at the pool before check out, we loitering around the “garden” and saw this goat which I believe will be someone’s dinner later >_<


Last and no least, the family portrait!


Verdict: If you are looking for a luxury vacation, this place will stray you far away from that. But if you want a short getaway and don’t like to travel too far (from Klang Valley), this place would do you well. If you don’t feel like stay here, the food is good and worth a try. But like I’ve mentioned above, you may meet with some management problems such as long waiting for table although reservation was made.


Mizuki Garden 水木佳园

Lot 2131 ,Kg Ulu Beranang Bt.18, Kg Tegur, 71750 Lenggang, Negeri Sembilan .

Tel: +603-8761 1198 (Miss Yang 杨小姐)

Facebook: https://goo.gl/AuXwgM


We stopped by Sak Dato Temple 石拿督 which is a popular tourist spot of temple with landscaped gardens and various of colourful Chinese folklore characters statues.

There are stalls selling food, drinks and assorted local produces along the road before the entrance of the temple.


Packed with tourists on 4th day of Chinese New Year.


The suspension bridge which lead to other side of the hill where the giant 40 feet Monkey King 孙悟空 statue located. You still need to do 20 or 30 minutes uphill walk before you can reach your destination.


No, I didn’t walk up there, the weather was too hot! But my mom, hubby, Sam and nephew did.


Sak Dato Temple 石拿督

No. 4, Jalan Besar, Lenggeng, 71750 Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.



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