New A la Carte Menu @ The Square, Novotel Melaka

If you’re not into buffet dinner, you can always opt for the la carte menu which was just revamped recently by Chef Ricky and his team at Novotel Melaka. Available for both lunch and dinner, the new menu offers a delectable range of local delights and western food to tempt your taste bud.


From the local delights selection, we had a few chef’s recommendations for lunch that day.

Nyonya Curry Laksa (RM18.00)

Served with a huge bowl, The Square’s signature Nyonya laksa featuring a rich and creamy laksa broth infused with lots of herbs and spices. It was a generous and luxurious portion of noodles with large prawns, mussels, chicken, crispy fried fish cakes, egg and vegetables.


Ikan Asam Pedas (RM22.00)

I love this appetizing spicy and sour Asam Pedas with fish pieces and okra. The tamarind gravy infused with wild ginger flower and other spices was a really taste bud tickling dish which literally had me polished off the gravy with the white rice served. There were salted egg and picked to complete the meal too.


Rolled ‘Gado Gado’ Salad (RM13.00)

A classic Indonesian salad was aesthetically presented with the vegetables being rolled nicely and served with thick nutty peanut sauce.


Nasi Goreng Aneka (RM22.00)

The fried rice was surprisingly good with fluffy grains and “wok hei”! Generously studded with with chicken, shrimps, long beans, onion, egg  and cooked with  house made chili paste that imparted a pleasant heat to the dish.

Served along with side dishes of chicken boxing, spring roll, Acar pickles and salted egg, a wholesome meal that certainly can satisfy your tummy.


Jumbo Prawn Pasta (RM55.00)

From the Western food selection we had this fettuccini with cheesy pesto sauce and grilled jumbo prawns. The prawns were fresh with adequate amount of roes in the large head, provided a distinctive umami flavor that heighten up the scrumptious-ness of the pasta.


Quarter Chicken (RM39.00)

Baked chicken is my anytime comfort food that can put a smile on my face. Thumbs up to the kitchen team for whipping up a perfectly oven baked chicken with succulent flesh which was well infused with rosemary. Served meslun salad, potato wedges and black pepper sauce.


Norwegian Salmon Parsley Crust (RM68.00)

Coated with cereal parsley crumbs rendering a extremely crunchy outer, this pan fried salmon undoubtedly a crowd pleaser that won hearts of both adults and kids in our group that day. The fish fillet was sit atop of velvety smooth mashed potato, dressed with pineapple salsa and sun dried tomatoes.


‘Square’ Signature Burger (RM24.00)

The long shape burger layered with grilled beef, chicken, fish, mushroom, melted cheese and vegetables.


Premium Club Sandwich (RM19.00)

Sandwich with filling of fried egg, beef streak, cheese, chicken and vegetables with a side of fries.

Both burger and sandwich were rather mediocre for me.

There are vegetarian option such as Loh Han Chye, Vegetarian Mini Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Fried Noodles, Vegetarian Fish and Spaghetti Napolitana in the menu as well. Kid’s menu with choices of Fish and Chips, Chicken Nuggets, Mini Burger, Squid Rings, Egg and Chicken Sausage for the little one.


Blueberry Cheese Cake (RM18.00)


Italian Classic Tiramisu (RM18.00)


Banana Creme Brulee (RM18.00)

We ended our sumptuous lunch with these visually appealing desserts.


Verdict: If you tired of the hustle bustle in the town area and want a peaceful and fully relaxed trip at Melaka, dining in the hotel definitely not a bad choice especially when the price is so reasonable. Food taste wise, overall it was a satisfying lunch and without hesitation I’ll choose to dine in a place with comfortable environment rather than queuing under the sun at some of the eateries out there 😛


The Square @ Novotel Melaka

Jalan Melaka Raya 2, 75000 Melaka.

Tel: +606-2898222

GPS. N 2° 11′ 16.44” E 102° 15′ 13.72”




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