>Ninja Joe

>I believe many of us had tried various of fast food pork burgers when we travel abroad, don’t you? We do have pork burger here but they are not cheap though (which will be my next post review) until we meet Ninja Joe!!!

Ninja Joe is origin from Japan which best known for their pork burger. Their very 1st store at Tropicana City Mall located at Lower Ground Floor which is same floor with Carrefour.

Their cute little ninja mascot.

Joe is everywhere in this tiny weeny restaurant, prove them your name is Joe” then you will entitle a discount!!!

The burger come in 6 different flavors:- Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Sweet & Sour and Spicy.

I had the original flavor~~

Original Flavor Pork Burger (RM 5.95)
It’s mini size burger, similar the Darabif Burger. Quite pricey for the size but if you buy more, the price is cheaper eg: 1 burger= RM5.95, 2 burgers = RM 9.95, 3 burgers = RM 12.95 and so on….

The burger was simple, juicy pork patty pork topped with a slice of tomato and some lettuce with a creamy mayo sauce (for the original burger) between two soft buns.

I also had this Shurikens (RM 4.90 – 5pcs) which is pork + potato croquette. Not bad~~

The burgers might be not as tasty as what you get from Deli, but it still can satisfy for craving for pork burger 😛 I really don’t mind coming back to try other flavors 🙂

Ninja Joe

Lot LG 18 Tropicana City Mall
No.3, Jalan ss20/27

47400 Petaling Jaya


  • >Pork Burger oh!!! Need to try for once!!! 😛

  • kampungboycitygal

    >i think that its a bit too exp, for the mini size burger. but it tasted quite good actually 😀

  • >I was told that the but is just sizeable! wish it cud be bigger!:)

  • >Wah, pork burger??? I want!!

  • ~Christine~Leng

    >I wanna check this out gal! thx for reviewing 🙂

  • >i went there before too. 1 burger like not enough, 2 like too much. LOL. hard to decide how many to buy

  • >thanks for reviewing!!! love a try. here i come, porky burger. oink

  • >很特别的快餐店

  • >Pork burger?! Sounds like my kind of fast food restaurant! Must check it out next time I'm in town.

  • >Try Nambawan in Taman Sri Manja, off Old Klang Road there. Pork Burger with fries at only RM6.90 liddat.
    And the patty thick, and flavourful.

  • >Excellent find in the Mall !
    Thats the funny thing about Malaysia, where the most mundane thing ( like cutie pork ) can become a terrible killer to start a big war

  • >Oh I haven't had pork burger in Malaysia before, except for the one in Kim Gary. 🙂 This reminds me of those cute MOS burger in Singapore.. small and delicious. 🙂 A bit pricey though, perhaps have to go in big group to get a cheaper deal 🙂

  • >Akira: Come PJ ~~hehe 🙂

    kampungboycitygal: Have to eat 2 only full hor… 😛

    BBO: Ya, bigger will be better~~

    uLi: Ya, porky burger, sound nice hor…

    Christine: You are welcome, good food mean to be shared mah… 🙂

    xin: 1 1/2? =.="

  • >ai wei: Looking forward to ur review ya 🙂

    sock peng: It's origin from Japan my dear~~

    Colin: I think US do have pork burger at fast food chain?

    baDman: Cause we really lack of that cutie thing in our market, hehe 🙂

    iamthewitch: Oh, u mentioned MOS Burger, the fast food chain that I really hope they can come back to M'sia~~

  • >wow.. my goodness the burger! i seldom take burger one.. but looking at this makes me drool..

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