Restoran Happy @ Sitiawan, Perak

After checked in to our home stay and rest for a while, we went out for again for lunch. More information and photos of our home stay in another post, stay tune~


We were brought to this fuss-free Chinese “Zi Char” restaurant for lunch. The setting was simple but quite comfortable equipped with air conditioners. 


Rou Yan Soup with Foochow Fish Balls 肉燕福州鱼丸汤

Rou Yan 肉燕, a traditional Foochow delicacy looks like Wonton with meat filling but the wrapper which is called Yan Pi 燕皮, is made from pork. Click HERE to read more about Yan Pi. 

The broth was sweet with a lots of shredded cabbage. I like the filling of the Rou Yan, well seasoned but most of them fall apart from the Yan Pi >_< The Foochow fish balls delicious too, adequately bouncy with minced pork filling.


Red Wine Chicken 红糟鸡

Cooked with traditional Foochow Red Wine, the chicken was not as red as the one I had before and the taste of the wine was rather mild too. Foochow people normally have this on the first day of Chinese New Year and birthday, and normally have it together with  Mee Sua (Ang Zhao Mee Sua 红糟米线)


Braised Pork Ribs with Preserved Mustard Plant Stem 烂排骨

An unpretentious dish but showcased a satisfying dimensions of flavours! This dish is known as “Lan Pai Gu 烂排骨”, literally translated as “broken pork ribs” which I guess it’s because the pork ribs are braised till really soft, almost “broken” in texture. Not only the pork ribs were braised till fall-off-the-bone tender, there were some melting soft yam cube which fully absorbed the flavours of the sauce. The savoury and sourness of it really teased and tugged our palate, certainly a memorably wonderful dish that you shouldn’t miss if you have chance to dine in here. 


Foochow Chicken Roll

The meat roll was not as good as I’ve hoped. It lack of that meaty flavour and the texture was too compact and “flour-ness” to our liking.


Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

A common and run-of-the-mill kid’s dish (✿╹◡╹)


Buddha’s Delight

Luo Han Zhai (罗汉斋) was well executed with assorted vegetables, glass noodles, mushrooms and bean curd sheet braised in Nam Yue sauce (red fermented bean curd).

Total bill: RM120+ included 8 white rice & tea.


Verdict: Overall it was a very good lunch session and this place definitely good for some Foochow cuisine. Nothing too fancy, just hearty wholesome food served in a simple setup. 


Restoran Happy 双喜楼酒家

No.73 & 74, Taman Ria Jaya, Jalan Raja Omar, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak.

Tel: +605-691 3563



  • You appear to be happy with the lunch dishes. The only dishes I am familiar with are sweet and sour fish and luo han zhai.

  • I love that loh hon chai dish…must have it if I see it offered in chap fan stalls. I cook it sometimes at home too but involves quite a bit of work as there are so many assorted veggies to prep. Oh dear, the foo chow chicken roll looks really dry.

  • ooo, i wouldn’t have guessed that home stay is in sitiawan – i guess for some of us, our perception of sitiawan is still of a traditional town in the 1980s! 🙂 but i know when in sitiawan, must go for foo chow fare 🙂

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