Restoran Peng Nam @ Rawang

It was like take a walk down memory lane when hubby brought me to Restoran Peng Nam located at the Rawang town, amongst all those shops majority manned by Indians. Before we reached here, hubby told me that the restaurant will only open at 12pm SHARP and I’ve read some reviews about this too. So it was no surprise when we reached here circa 11.50pm and the gate was still closed. When the clock struck 12, we saw the gate was opened by the staff and the “kiasu-ness” in a aunty like me had me got down from the car and rushed into the shop immediately 😛 (We were lucky that day to secure a parking right in front of the shop,because the parking at this area can be quite horrendous =.=”)



The facade




The interior, very nostalgic and the place was worn down over the years.



Ku Lou Yok (Sweet and Sour Pork)

This is the dish that much raved by hubby and indeed it deserved the merit. The meat was battered and fried to perfectly golden and extremely crispy. Pickled cucumber was used here instead of common fresh cucumber, unusually different, different in a good way that it!


My only grip about this dish was the gravy was a tad too “starchy/gluey” for my liking >.<



Tofu and Fish in Bean Paste.

A must try dish according to the reviews I’ve read however it was nothing really impressive but nothing to complaint as well. A small piece of Ma Yau fish cooked with fried tofu in savory bean paste sauce which really went well with fried rice.



 Fried Wonton


Another recommendation which I thought just decent in my books. Crispy skin and adequately filled with minced pork with accompanied sweet and sour dipping.



Steamed Rice

The portion of steamed rice in aluminum bowl is quite big for one person, definitely more than enough to be shared by 2 small eaters.

Total bill was RM 39.00 with 1 bowl of rice + a pot of Chinese Tea.


While we were busy tucking in, the restaurant was filled up and there were a constant stream of customers throughout the afternoon. So please come earlier like us, don’t say I’m not warning you ya 😛

Verdict: If you looking for some old school dai chow fare, this is the correct place!


IMAG0397  Restoran Peng Nam
  43, Welman Street (Main street),
  Rawang, 48000 Rawang, Selangor D.E
  Business Hour: lunch time starting from 12pm


  • The gravy looks very gooey, i don’t like mine to be too starchy either 😀

  • The way they serve white rice is quite special….

  • We will not purposely make a trip to Rawang for food unless we are coming back from the the north. Next time, we can drop by this place to fill up the tummy. I am a big fan of gu lou yuk!

  • ooo, i’ve not eaten at rawang before. could be a fun area to explore maybe! 😀

  • I’m not very familiar with Rawang too, hope you can find more good eatery there!

  • Ok, i have staying at Rawang since i was like 5 years old, so let me tell abit what are the nice foods at Rawang!!
    basically there are only a few of them only, so dont get extremely excited.

    Yao Kee restaurant
    Its located up above the hills of the government veterinary clinic, and one of their famous dish i can say is “Iced Ku lou yok” , the ku lou yuk is covered with iced, its cold and crispy and has a mild sweetness to it, the other dishes also very nice, discover them urself!! Oh yes, and in the morning they provide Dim Sum also, the Dim Sum is moderately nice.

    Lan Je Fei Zhou Yu
    This shop i never eaten before even though i have stayed here for so many years, but it was famous nevertheless, the shop is located opposite of Public Bank ( not directly opposite, at least u get an idea where its roughly at).

    ipoh Chicken Rice shop
    The chicken at this shop is nice!! They use ipoh taugeh also. Almost like the real Ipoh chicken rice,expect long queues on lunch time. the shop is located at the opposite of SJKC San Yuk

    Vege Sense Tea House 草人木蔬食茶馆 (Vegetarian shop)
    This shop is located at opposite of Tesco Rawang, i find their 奶油猴头菇 very nice!! (a kind of mushroom which tastes like chicken, fried and coated with the 奶油 sauce). Their other dishes also very nice, go explore urself!

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