Restoran Satellite @ Jalan Gasing, P.J

Yah, it’s chicken rice again! I promise this will be the last! LOL

Restoran Satallite has been around for ages serving chicken rice and Ipoh Hor Fun which was once voted as the best chicken rice in Klang Valley.


Occupied corner lot of a row of shop houses (with another chicken rice shop located just next door – New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice), Restoran Satellite offers ample of seating, both in the shop as well as the semi-al fresco dining area. 


The oiled rice was aromatic, nicely infused with chicken essence however the texture missed the mark, a bit too soft and mushy. The chili sauce was adequately spicy with pleasant acidic hint.


The poached chicken was good, pretty tender and the flavour was enhanced by the soy sauce and sesame oil concoction. The chicken we had was not too fat with thin layer of smooth chicken skin which I enjoyed immensely. 


Bean sprout was fat and crunchy.


Pork meat balls with dried squid, I like!


Verdict: The chicken rice was above average, compared with the previous chicken rice I’ve posted recently, this undoubtedly fared better. Restoran Satellite definitely more than a decent place for poached chicken rice but there was one thing that really annoyed me that day. Dining with music/songs played at the background certainly can elevate the dining mood but not with earsplitting volume which was really disturbing and a totally put off for me. 


Restoran Satellite

103, Jalan Gasing, PJS 10, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +6016-655 6321

Operating hours: 9.00am to 10.00pm, daily


  • LOL! I can see that you enjoy chicken rice. I’ve been here before for dinner but I find their neighbor’s chicken rice is much better.

  • Yes, I’ve heard of this shop reputed for chicken rice but thanks to your post, I probably won’t need to try. Based on photos alone (not taste), 1) the rice looks really broken and mushy (which is the essence of good chicken rice shop), 2) the chilli looks watery (they added chicken stock?), 3) I need some crispy garlic and garlic oil in my beansprouts and 4) I hate loud music….hihihi! 😉

    • Kris, oh no! my post deterred you to visit this shop, you have to try out at least once lah >_< Thank you to my big photo, so you can see clearly the rice was broken and mushy, which you once told me in your reply to my comment in your post, haha!

  • it’s amazing how this place has survived for decades – i remember it when i was doing my uni internship nearby back in the 1990s 😀

  • Eh… I’ve been here but next door to that 1977 shop. I tot that was the best so I went there to eat 😀

  • Will be the last time for me, charged me RM8 for pork roasted rice and RM7.50 for roared chicken rice, taste not that great compare to other shop cheaper than this shop. When I asked again about the price, he insisted that the price he charged us according to the price displayed on the board (which I didn’t check). Before leaving the shop I looked at the price and it is actually not the price that he told me but suppose to be around RM6.50 , so I am not sure whether I see wrongly or what. But anyway now I know the reason why I have stopped going to this restaurant and will not suggest this place to other at all. Double thumbs down👎🏻👎🏻

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