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Having appeased customers with trusty bowls of beef noodles for 75 years, Soong Kee is now helmed by the third generation and and still lives up to its standards.


A week before MCO was declared, I was at Soong Kee, the Setapak branch with a few friends for a casual lunch gathering. Located in a commercial area in Danau Kota (opposite PV15/16 condo), parking can be slightly challenging at this area but shouldn’t be a problem if you’re willing to walk a few steps with basement parking available nearby.


The setting of the restaurant is simple yet cozy and comfortable.


Honey Lemon (RM4.00), Loh Hon Guo (RM2.00), Ribena Lychee (RM4.00), Kopi-O (RM2.50) & Barley Lemon (RM2.50)


Although beef noodles is Soong Kee’s main specialties, but their extensive menu have many other choices, such as Wonton Mee, Curry Noodles as well as assorted of snacks, so fret not about not having a favourable choice.

Beef Balls Noodles (RM8.90)

The signature Hakka noodles topped with pork minced meat sauce and served with beef balls soup. The tell-tale dark minced meat sauce was ravishingly flavourful and generous in portion. Have a good mix of the nicely cooked to right springy texture Hakka noodles and the toothsome minced meat sauce, it had us compulsively slurping up each strand with gusto! 

The beef balls were equally tantalizing with pleasant bouncy texture, served in a bowl of hearty, sweet soup brimming with beefy flavours.


Beef Tripe Noodles (RM8.90)

A rare combination for beef noodles that recommended by the staff where Meehoon was used and it was surprisingly a match made in heaven! The super fine texture of Meehoon makes it capable of clinging the rich meaty sauce when tossed, imbued a savory sweetness that’s hard to beat.


If you’re looking for variety, the ngau chap (beef mixture) contains a healthy heaping of different beef parts, from beef slices to tripe.


Char Siew Wonton Mee (RM7.90)

Learned the skill of cooking Wonton Mee from the great Ho Weng Kee in the early 2000s before he retired, Wonton Mee served at Soong Kee definitely passed with flying colours. The texture of he noodles was perfectly springy and the soy sauce concoction was robust and aromatic, a hallmark of any good Wonton Mee.


Chicken Curry Mee (RM9.90)

A decent bowl of curry noodles, thick and creamy with poached chicken, bean curd puffs and bean sprouts. The spiciness was rather mild which the kids could enjoy it too.


Five Spice Tendon (RM13.00)

From the Beef Ala Carte Order list, we got ourselves this Five Spice Tendon which came with a princely serving. The voluptous chunks of beef tendon were braised till melting tender, superbly infused with the good flavour of the spices and herbs.


Beef Slice (RM10.00)

Also from the list was this beef slices served in clear beef soup. I like my beef slices cooked lightly so they remain medium rare. One can leave them to soak longer in the piping hot soup for the pink tinge to go away, or enjoy their glorious succulence as they are.


Fried/Soup Dumplings (RM6.50/5pcs)

Plump and flavourful, nothing to complaint. 😛


Steamed Chicken (RM10.00)

Sam, the big fan of steamed chicken enjoyed this immensely and almost finished the whole plate if I didn’t stop her. ^__^


Poached Vegetables (RM5.50)


Verdict: Definitely a well worth checking out place for beef noodles lovers! Beef noodles (both Hakka noodles and Meehoon), Five Spice Tendon, Wonton Noodles and Steamed Chicken are a few dishes that I personally highly recommend. Service was warm and prices are fair. Now Soong Kee is reopened after being away for 47 days since 18 March for delivery/take away (self pick up). Refer HERE on how to place order. 


Soong Kee

22A, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-4141 8124 / +6016-924 0507

Operation hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00am to 4.30pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm

                             Sat & Sun: 11.00am to 9.30pm

Remark: Operates from 10.00 to 8.30pm, daily during MCO period, for delivery/take away (self pick up) only.





  • You’ve got a group of very accommodating friends that will hold off eating until all the food has arrived for you to take a group photo first…hee..hee! 😉 This iconic beef noodle has stood the test of time and now they’re under one roof with Loa Yau Kee porridge (that’s why Sam likes the poached chicken coz it’s good) and Ho Wng Kee wantan mee. There used to be a branch in SS2 but that one closed.

    • Kris, this group of friends are foodie like me and like to let their handphones/camera to “eat” first before we can attack the food, LOL

  • I love beef noodles. I wonder if they have any other branch as Setapak is too far for me.

  • Old trusted brand for sure, happy to see that while drinks get fancier, the pricing is still more than reasonable. Too bad setapak is quite a fair bit further than where I go for food.

  • 75 years is truly an enduring brand – it’s the same age as my mom! 🙂

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