“Sou Gong” & Chinese New Year Set Menu 2014 @ Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel P.J

It’s become a tradition which I’ll have my early Chinese New Year celebration at Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya with my fellow foodie friends. This year has no exception too, we were looking forward to try out some of the dishes specially crafted by Chef Yong Kam Wah for this coming festive season.




Salmon with Rice Crackers “Yee Sang” (响铃三文捞起)

It’s almost obligatory to start off any auspicious Chinese New Year meal with Yee Sang and so we kicked in this meal with a special rice crackers  Yee Sang.



The rice crackers, watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds added a pleasant earthy flavor and lovely crunchy texture to the refreshing Yee Sang.



The fresh sliced salmon was arranged aesthetically into a flower shape, so attractive even before it is savored!



The Yee Sang is ready to be tossed, the higher the better! Let’s toss for another great year ahead filled with abundance of health, happiness and prosperity!



Double Boiled Shar’s Bone Soup with Superior Shark Fin and Fish Maw (鲨鱼骨花胶炖鲍翅)

I didn’t try this so no comment 😛



Stewed “Gui Fei” Farm Chicken (贵妃菜园鸡)


The next poultry dish was a simple steamed chicken with Chinese herbal gravy. Appeared with glowing yellowish skin, the chicken was perfectly done; firm and flavorful flesh and bouncy skin without the scary bits of fats underneath.


Served along was the ginger sauce and the green chili lime dipping (a crowd pleaser!) to enhance the flavor of the chicken.



Oven Baked King River Prawn with Cheese Sauce (日式烤大生虾)

Are you eager to bite into this gigantic river prawn if you saw this? Slathered with luscious cheese sauce, the fresh river prawn which had a bouncy texture was baked to perfection with slightly golden. We had a moment of blissful silence while enjoying this sumptuous dish~



Cod Fish Duo Style with Bean Curd Skin & Golden Garlic in Soy Sauce (鲜竹枝鸳鸯鳕鱼)


The cod fish was prepared in two ways; steamed and deep fried lay on top of the soft bean curd skin and dressed in savory soy sauce gravy. The highly prized fish had a delicate texture, the tenderness still retained for the steamed version while the deep frying process gave it an moreish crispy edges.



Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Dried Oyster with Vegetables (鲍鱼海参发财沙井蚝士蔬)

All the ingredients was wrapped in an auspicious money bag(Japanese Aburaage skin) crowned with edible gold foil, what a luxury masterpiece!


The precious sea treasures was braised till soft, the flavor was robust and filled with deep rich notes of the dried oyster.



Stewed Fragrant Rice with Preserved Meat (瓦煲蜡味饭)

The preserved meat, rice and sauce was served separately here at Ee Chinese Cuisine.



The preserved meat served included premium waxed duck meat, pork, liver and waxed sausages, all glistening beautifully. Oh lala~~


Guest may like to work on a little to mix up all the waxed meat together with the rice and sauce or let the staff do the job 🙂

The rice was nicely infused with the essence from the assorted preserved meats and tasted so heavenly until everyone on the table  had second serving.



We were presented with dessert duo style to put a sweet endnote to the sumptuous dinner.



Double boiled Lotus Seed with Glutinous Rice Dumpling and Flower (汤丸莲子炖桂花)

The warm sweet broth was soothing and aromatic with the presence of Osmanthus, best to cleanse away the heavy meal just now 🙂



Special Homemade Dessert (新春巧手小美点)

A medly of pineapple tart and a very colourful tempting steamed cake made from coconut.

The “Sou Gong” and Reunion Dinner is priced from RM 1,388++ per table of 10 persons, RM 988++ per table of 6 persons & RM 538++ per table of 4 persons. The “Loh Hei” Special or Yee Sang is available for take away at from RM 68+ for half portion.



Ee Chinese Cuisine

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46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: +603- 7665 1111 (Ext: 137)

Website: www.eastin.com


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