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Thai food! These words will invoke the usual memories of fantastic fusion of flavours spice and the varieties.For me instead, the fondest recollection of Thai food was a quote from Anthony Bourdain (may he Rest-In-Peace) at Parts Unknown, “You don’t do Phad Thai in this Thai restaurant”. What?!

I do understand the quest for authenticity but sometimes great food evolves. That’s why Thai street food thrives and been feted as one of the best in the world. My recent visit to this Thai street food joint reaffirmed it again. Yes, Phad Thai is on the menu 🙂


STREAT Thai, the authentic Thai street food specialist has open a second outlet in Tesco Kepong after their successful outlet in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.


Nestled on 1F of Tesco Kepong Village Mall (same floor as MBO Cinemas), STREAT Thai has a rustic yet cheerful vibe that reflects charm of Thailand. Wooden tables match with chairs in bright orange and yellow, replica of old Thai’s residential facade on the wall, Thai posters, magazines and books, although not as spacious as the Jaya One outlet but the air conditioned dining area definitely offers a more comfortable dining experience.


Assorted of snacks from Thailand are available for purchase at the eatery.


The busy kitchen that replicates the scene of street food stalls in Thailand, manned by Thai chefs. STREAT Thai also offers online food ordering for both Jaya One and Kepong outlet, click HERE for the menu.


Butterfly Pea Ice Tea (RM4.90),  Thai Milk Tea (Cold – RM5.90) & Fresh Coconut Smoothie (RM8.90)

Their large menu boasts a wide selection of familiar Thai food including the appetizers, soups, curries, salad, Thai style porridge, hotpot, noodles and rice dishes, stir fries, desserts as well as a long list of beverages.


Pad Thai (RM10.90)

Since I mentioned about Pad Thai, let’s start with Pad Thai!

A classic Thai street food that can be found at every nook and cranny of Bangkok and STREAT Thai version passed with scrumptious flying colors. The stir fried rice noodles with fresh prawns and fried egg bits showcased good balance of sweetness and savory. Mix in the toasted crushed peanuts and squeeze in the lime to perk up the flavours.


Tom Yum Gai Tod (RM28.90)

You have probably heard of Jeh O Chula in Bangkok which serve Mama Tom Yum Seafood that widely shared on Instagram and Facebook one or two year back. We are glad to know that we can have a chicken version of it here at STREAT Thai! This dish utilizes the famous Mama brand of instant noodles in Tom Yum Soup base then served with choices of fried chicken wings and chicken skin or fried chicken skin with fresh homemade chicken meat balls. (Tom Yum WoW starts at RM 26.90+)


We had the fried chicken and fried chicken skin combo that served separately to maintain the crunchiness. Both fried chicken wings and chicken skin were good to eat on its own, addictively crunchy and flavourful. The tom yam soup base was moderately thick and zesty with lime slices. Mix well with the poached eggs for that extra creaminess and you may customize your spiciness according to your spicy food tolerance level (for all the food). Portion is huge and sufficient to feed 2-3 persons.


Porridge with Seafood (RM19.90)

For RM19.90, the porridge served in claypot came with a generous portion of fresh seafood including sea prawns, squid, salmon slices, minced chicken and poached egg as well. Actually I’m more intrigued to try out the Tom Yum Creamy Porridge but since the little ones were tagged along, we had this non-spicy version. Next round perhaps~


Streat Thai Sukhothai Noodles (RM15.90)

The bowl of springy Thai rice noodles ( other options included flat rice noodles, egg noodles and instant noodles) came loaded with an assortment of condiments in Tom Yum soup. The soup might looked mild but it hit all the right spot in terms of flavours, spicy and sour, certainly a satisfactory note in a Thai meal. To further enhance the flavors, add-in sugar, vinegar, fish sauce or chilli flakes, at the side.


Papaya Salad with Anchovy Sauce & Rice Noodles (RM10.90)

Crunchy shredded green papaya and rice noodles soaked in pungent salty lime and anchovy sauce dressing pumped up with loads of heat. There was also long beans, tomatoes, Thai pea eggplant and peanuts added for textures.


Fish Cake (RM10.90 – 5pcs)

The disc of fish cakes comprised of marinated fish meat studded with chopped long beans and fine thin strips of kaffir lime leaves. They were flavourful with pleasing herbs and spices nuances. I like the dipping chili sauce which really heighten the scrumptious-ness of the fish cakes.


Pad Krapow Chicken with Rice (RM8.90)

Sam had this before at Jaya One (the non-spicy version) and she requested to have it again and happily shared with her cousins this round.


Red Ruby (RM6.90)

Mango Sticky Rice (RM9.90)

Both classic Thai dessert did a good job to complete our Thai meal experience. The Red Ruby was refreshing enough to cool down your palate after substantial servings of spiciness. The mango sticky rice simply a must have, don’t you agree?


Verdict: Delicious, satisfying and wallet freidnly, STREAT Thai has what it takes to give you an authentic Thai street food experience – without requiring you to travel too all the way to Thailand. Since this new outlet is located nearby my house, it’s not hard to predict that I’ll visit this place more frequent.



Kepong Village Mall

Lot F-3, No. 3, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603–6734 0128

Operating Hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm, daily


The School @ Jaya One

100-G-001, No. 72A Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, 46200 Selangor.

Tel: +603–7496 1297

Operating Hours: Sun to Thu: 11.30am to 10.00pm, Fri to Sat: 11.30am to 11.00pm



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