Water Cress Valley @ Cameron Highlands

Yay, finally the very last post of my Cameron Highlands trip!

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Upon the recommendation of hubby’s colleague, we had our lunch here at Water Cress Valley before heading back home.



Saw this messy mustard greens plantation along the pathway towards the entrance of the restaurant =.=” #whereismywatercress



The facade, not expect an unassuming restaurant has a nice entrance like this 😛



There is even a proper waiting area, windy and overlooking the lush green farm. There were a few groups in the waiting list before us.



I believe this restaurant is quite popular which evidently seen from the queue and the crowd that thronged the place.



The restaurant is perched on hill top  and we were lucky to be seated at one of the table next to the grill overlooking the watercress farm and the green hills. The cooling weather and natural breeze definitely earn extra brownie points for the dining experience.





Posing for the camera 😛



A small marble platform was placed on our table after the ordering. Oh ya, we had steamboat, pork free steamboat to be precise and there is also vegetarian steamboat available. Water Cress Valley also offers barbeque items such as chicken, lamb, deer and seafood, ala carte Chinese dishes, noodles and light bites.



The charcoal stove and steamboat pot with long chimney was brought to our table. Still remember the dinner I had at Brinchang with the same quirky steamboat pot? This look more vintage and the chimney was shorter 😛



The pot was filled with dark coloured broth emitted pleasant aroma of Chinese herbal.



Oh no, worms in our soup! Haha don’t misunderstanding, it’s only a type of Chinese herbal that looks like worm. The soup was flavorful from the various Chinese herbal added but not too overpowering.



We also had the watercress drink which boiled with Luo Han Guo, red dates and longan. It was refreshing, adequately sweet with hint of bitterness from the watercress.






Ingredients for 2 pax, not as much as what we had for lunch for the previous day but good enough to filled our tummies.

Price for steamboat was slightly higher that the usual one but still in acceptable range.



Dumped everything and let the ingredients to be cooked and absorb all the flavors from the broth. It was indeed a special and enjoyable dining experience at Water Cress Valley, the only gripe was there were flies flying around our food which was quite annoying.


Verdict: Great dining experience accompanied by scenic farm view and cooling natural breeze.



Water Cress Valley

Lot UT/KK/F 160, 159, Jalan Besar Batu 44

Tringkap, 39100 Cameron Highlands.


Tel: +605-4961071


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