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If you have been to shopping malls lately, I am sure you will be noticing Chinese New Year 2018 is coming pretty soon. I am no Einstein but I can add on to his theory of special relativity that the older you get, the faster time travels (copyright by ChoiYen) 🙂

Talking about keeping abreast with time, the traditional way of how we shop for CNY has been evolving or should I said disrupted with the convenience of technology. The days of looking at cheap deals over at hardcopy brochures or depending on your leg-power to go shop-to-shop to look for bargain is ending. We can check out the cheapest deals with just a click of a mouse such as swinging by to 11 Street portal.


For 2018, my family decided to have nice home-cooked reunion dinner and I have been experimenting with getting vital ingredients via 11 Street especially with their “Gong Xi Wang Wang” promo.

For the CNY reunion dinner, we have decided to cook a delicious premium “Poon Choi”. For the uninitiated, “Poon Choi” is a traditional Cantonese cuisine served in large porcelain basins for communal style consumption. It is also known as “Big Bowl Feast” or “Chinese Casserole”.  Let me illustrate with my ideal “Poon Choi” with the delicious-looking photo as above.

Nowadays, you need not cook “Poon Choi” yourself as you may order from many restaurants specialising on the cuisine which would normally cost around RM500 upwards for respectable CNY dining with your family.


But where is the fun if you can’t D-I-Y your or your family favourite ingredients in the “Poon Choi”. For me, I like mouth-watering premium Abalone as the star of the “Poon Choi”. To begin my first journey in preparing the “Poon Choi”, let’s fire up my browser to 11 Street specifically their Gong Xi Wang Wang promo page.

You will be greeted with many brands for your CNY shoppings but I have zero-ed in to Eu Yan Sang for their dried seafood. Did I mention you also get 15% discounts with the purchase too? That’s great for aunty like me looking for bargain. You may look at the few steps I have taken to secure my Abalone at a discount.


Step 1: Register an account then click into Gong Xi Wang Wang Shop to Prosperity promo page. Choose the brand you want to shop then click ‘download’.


Step 2: You will receive the discount coupon and check it out in ‘My Page’


Step 3: Go back to the Gong Xi Wang Wang Shop to Prosperity promo page and click the ‘Shop’ icon.


Step 4: You will be redirected to the main page of the shop you choose and now you can start shopping!


Step 5: Choose the product then add to your shopping cart.


Step 6: Check out after finish shopping.


Step 6: Don’t forget to apply your discount coupon in the ‘Order/Payment’ page. *IMPORTANT


Step 7: After applied the coupon, you will see the total after discounted. Make the payment and you may now wait for your goods to be sent out.


In addition, you are not just limited to purchasing ingredients like me. If you are a last minute shoppers, you can look at the arrays of CNY products such as hampers that are perfect for gifts to your loved ones and business partners. 11th Street also throw in many discounts for the wide selection of goods that fulfill every needs.


With all the perks and discounts, I could not help but to change my mindset and start to embrace the “online revolution” for the coming festive purchases. While at it, perhaps I would look at the available Flash Deals to snag a bargain or two.


Good news! I’m giving out 5 x RM50 11 Street vouchers to you. How to win?

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2) Share this post on your feed and list down your list of items that you plan to purchase on the shared post. Don’t forget to hashtag #11streetmy *make sure your profile is set to public.

Giveaway ends 7th February at 11.59pm.







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