A few weeks ago, I was invited by Ken to try out this restaurant, Chyniis, a modern Chinese restaurant located at newly open SS2 Mall, Petaling Jaya.

Chic, trendy & contemporary interior with comfortable earth tone furniture.

Dragon motif hanging lamp.

Our dinner kick started with soup.

Fish Maw Soup
Laden bountifully with fish maw, mushroom and some seafood. Every spoonfull was full with ingredients. Can be a good jaw exercise when eating this 😛

Three Cup Chicken
Wonder what is three cup means? A cup of soy sauce + a cup of cooking oil + a cup of rice wine is used when cooking this chicken dish. The tender chicken meat absorbed the flavor from the sauce, it’s very tantalizing indeed but the basil leaves make me scowling =.=”

Deep Fried Crispy Fried Garoupa with Plum Sauce
The whole fish has been filleted then deep fried. Slightly crunchy at outer while the inner still remain tender. Served with Thai style plum sauce definitely complement the fillet very well.

Look at the fierce looking carcass 😛
But now you were in my stomach ^^

Salted Pork Knuckle
The pork knuckle was marinated in herbs a few days before deep fried. With lovely crackly skin but a bit too dry for my liking though.

Prawns with Moon Flower
Moon flower, an edible flower which only blooming when there is moonlight. This flower was imported from China and have a soft texture.

Dried Moon Flower before cooking.

Kam Heong Crab
Very aromatic & full with “wok hei”! These huge & meaty crabs cooked with a lots of dried chili, garlic & dried shrimps, oh so robust & full of flavors!

Look at the size if the claw if compare with my spoon. Huge, isn’t it?

Fleshy~~~ Satiated~~

Sauteed La Mien
The La Mien was braised before cooked so it’s more flavorful if compare to the fried noodle we normally have.

Fried Sweet Potatoe & Tapioca

Egg Shell Jelly
We were skeptical when the waitress served a few egg shell to our table when end of the dinner. What was that actually? A jelly made from FISH SCALE!!! Taste a bit fishy but the used of ginger had lower down the fishy taste. Recycle the egg shell definitely something commendable, thumb up to the chef 🙂

A place for you if you are hunting for good Chinese food.


G45, 46 & 47
SSTwo Mall
40, SS2/72
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor D.E.

Tel: 03-79567288



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