Da Long Yi Hot Pot 大龙燚火锅 @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

It’s January 2021 and the biggest news for us at Klang Valley is the “COOL WEATHER” where we experience temperature as low 23 degrees Celsius. A stark contrast from the usually scorching 36 degrees Celsius at KL.

Winter monsoon or “musim tengkujuh” is a seasonal affairs for Malaysia where we are greeted with never-ending rains in most part of country, overcast skies, and mist in some places. With such cool temperature, there is no better way to savour it with hotpot! Add the “Ma La” elements to it and you will have a rather pleasant hotpot journey.


Da Long Yi Hot Pot 大龙燚火锅, a prominent brand name in the Chinese Hot Pot industry, with over 300 franchised stores set up all across the globe with outlets based in China, US, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. On last year March, Da Long Yi Hot Pot has fanned out into Malaysia and Sunway Nexis at Kota Damansara is its first landing pad.


Founded in 2013, Da Long Yi Hot Pot may not be well-known to most Malaysians, but to the locals in Chengdu, this is one of the all-time best 10 best hotpot restaurants.

The two-storey restaurant at Sunway Nexis presents the ultimate Sichuan hot pot experience that’ll have you sweating, laughing and rubbing your big full belly at the end.


Resemble a traditional Chinese inn, Da Long Yi’s interior is furnished with wooden tables and wooden stools with oriental motif carving. Set against a mixed of bricks and natural wood theme backdrop, with Chinese lattice pattern windows and railing, as well as oriental ornaments, the whole space exudes a comfortable and inviting vibes to dine in.


There are two private dining rooms on the first level and there are minimum consumption value required for these private rooms.


Their glorious signature Tri-Pot aka Benz Pot (RM42.00/pot)

You may know why it is called Benz Pot if you look carefully to the photo above. ^.~

Da Long Yi offers four variety of soup bases – Signature Mala Spicy Soup, Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup and Winter Melon Chicken Soup. For the soup base, a bit of tips from yours truly. It’s definitely better to order a three varieties soup bases in one pot as it is more worthwhile than a single soup base pot. Check out the prices as below:-

Single Pot (RM46.00/pot)

Twin Pot with two soup bases (RM43.00/pot)

Tri-Pot with three soup bases (RM42.00/pot). 

So get it? (^^)v


Hailing from Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Szechuan province, Da Long Yi started in 2013 and has been providing the diners an authenticity of the Sichuan cuisine by bringing classic, deep-spiced soup bases and exotic ingredients to all their branches worldwide.

The Signature Mala Spicy Soup certainly a must try here. The broth is made numerous herbs and spices including Sichuan peppercorns garlic, dried chilies, cumin seeds and further enhance the flavours with Mala butter (those yellow blocks in the photo are frozen Mala butter). The tongue-numbing sensation and the explosion of flavours from various herbs and spices are pretty enjoyable and addictive I would say.


For those with lower tolerance for spice or prefer a milder broth, the tomato and mushroom soup bases are worth trying too.


Crispy Pork (RM16.00)

The addiction kicks in once the first piece is savoured! Fragrant, crispy and delectable.


Signature dipping sauce made of Coriander, spring onion, garlic, chopped chilies, oyster sauce and generous portion of sesame oil/blending oil (canned) will dial down that immediate kick of spiciness from the mala broth.

There is a station hosting a lot of sauces and condiments where diners can help themselves too.



Da Long Yi boasts an incredibly comprehensive menu that promises to leave the patrons  spoilt for choice. The hotpot ingredients are aplenty ranging from assorted meat slices (pork, beef, lamb), marinated chicken, ribs, assorted offal, seafood (fishes, prawns, abalone), meat balls, vegetables, mushrooms, soy based food (tofu, tofu skins), staples (rice & noodles), snacks and desserts. 

Marble Beef Slices (RM46.00-180g / RM29.00-90g)


Pork Shoulder Slice (RM20.00)


Striploin Beef (RM35.00-180g / RM19.00-90g)


Crayfish (RM38.00-6pcs)


Grouper Fillet (RM38.00)


Mala Ribs (RM26.00)


Bamboo Prawn Paste (RM38.00-150g /  RM28.00-100g)


Luncheon Meat (RM16.00)


HK Ring Rolls (RM15.00)


Deep Fried Bean Curd Sheet (RM15.00)


There ‘s a list of rather “interesting” (or exotic?) ingredients that might ignite your curiosity to try them out such as:-

Signature Platter (RM35.00) which comprised Beef Tripe, Duck Intestine and Pork Aorta. 

Beef Tripe

Duck Intestine

Pork Aorta


The alien-looks-alike Duck Tongue (RM18.00)


Pork Blood (RM8.00)


Vegetables Platter (RM20.00) with 5 types of veggies.


Mushroom Platter (RM20.00) with 5 types mushrooms


Lotus Root (RM10.00)


Dine-in charges (RM6.00/pax, exclude kid under 12 year and below) including signature sesame oil and condiments, Signature Eight Treasure Flower Tea)


Tsing Dao Beer (RM18.00/600ml bottle) & Harbin Beer (RM18.00/610ml bottle)

I like both because they are light and easy to the palate.


Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Cakes (RM15.00)

Caramel Soy Bean Pudding (RM3.80)

The desserts are simple but classic: sweet and chewy fried glutinous cake with brown sugar and tender smooth soy bean pudding with chopped nut for extra textures. They are essentially everything you want to soothe the spicy attack on your taste buds.


Black Tea Stinky Tofu (RM15.00)

An unexpected dish that appear in a hot pot restaurant. 😛


Self-heating hotpot meals have become a trend for since a couple of years ago and Da Long Yi also comes out with theirs which can be purchased from the restaurant.


Scent Machine to mist the diners after a hotpot meal to get rid of any unpleasant odour. 


Verdict: It’s unquestionable a pleasant and satisfying dining experience at Da Long Yi Hot Pot from the top notch service to the toothsome broth and those fancy, fresh, and mostly imported ingredients. Deliciousness from start to finish. ^__^



Da Long Yi Hot Pot 大龙燚火锅

C-GF-01 Sunway Nexis, No 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara

47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +011-3863 3336

Operating hours: 12.00pm to 12.00am, daily

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dalongyihotpotmy/


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