Marchè Restaurant @ The Curve

Ladies and gentlemen, get your passport ready and let’s embark on a journey to experience healthy indulgences at Marchè!

Every customer is given a Marche Guest Card also known as “Passport” when dine in here. Please keep this card carefully, if u lost it, you have to pay RM 200.00 as penalty. Why we need this card? The chef will stamp on the card when you order food at the food station, once out check out the card will be collected back & calculate how much you spent.


Marche (pronouced as Mar-shay), stands for “market” French. The interior is akin to a market environment where various food stations are set up namely pasta, rosti, pizza, grill, bakery, salad, soups, fresh juice, bakery, dessert & bar.


A feast for the eyes~

Salad bar ~

Bakery ~ Quite limited choices though.


Pizza station.


Gorgeous Roasted Lamb Leg.


Homey Roasted Chicken.



Rosti counter

Rosti is a Swiss dish made with roughly grated potato shaped rounds or patties then pan fried. There are some add-on ingredients such as smoked salmon, cheese, sauteed mushroom and sausage to jazz up your rosti. One of the popular station at Marchè, do expect the long queue and be patient dude!


Fresh meat and fishes from the grill station. Watch the chefs preparing your food lively was pretty enchanting.


The savory crepe was just mediocre in my books.


The fresh juice bar with array of fresh fruits in myriad of colurs was eye catching. Chilled freshly squeezed juices were available or one can select your choice of fruit on displayed.


House-roasted coffee, teas and assorted flower teas.


Further in is another beverage bar where choices of home made juices like passion fruit, kedondong sour plum, berries juice, fruity lemonades, sodas and beer are available, I stood here for a good few minutes to decide what to get for myself 😛 Spoilt for choice~

Choices of dessert might be not as impressive as the mains but I’m sure there must be something cater for everyone ranging from muffins, cakes, mousses, puddings and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream.


Move on to the setting of the restaurant, featuring a few section with different themes which create different ambiance and dining experience.


The lovely cottage.


Spacious and tastefully decorated.


Are you ready for the real feast?



Mushroom Soup

Nice creamy texture and the mushroom bits were in abundance, a dish that had all of us nodding away in agreement.


Sautéed Mushroom

Assorted muhrooms were sautéed with plenty of butter, soft texture and earthy but a tad too oily >.<


Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon

Classic but well executed with Romaine lettuces were coated evenly with Caesar Salad dressing accompanied with cherry tomatoes and bacon then prettied up with lots of shredded cheese. I opted to add on some sliced smoked salmon to make it a wholesome meal.


Australian Rib Eye

Jenn‘s rib eye was grilled to medium rare served with mushroom gravy and baked potato.


Smaller portion food for kid i available here too.


The pizza was mere generic.


We had a few version of rosti that night with different add-on, this was one of them topped with luxurious cheese. I love the crispy edges of the grated potatoes with subtle smoky flavor.


Grilled Lamb & Chicken Sausages

As a avid fan of sausages this is must order for me, juicy and flavorful that I’ve never stop craving for it 🙂


Grilled Norwegian Salmon

The fish fillet was pan fried fragrantly, moist and flaky.



The Paella at Marchè is made with chicken and sausages with some vegetables instead of the usual seafood. The rice was fluffy and well seasoned, very toothsome indeed.


 Crepe with Fresh Berries and Ice Cream

This was too adorable to the eyes! I like the texture of the thin crepe; crispy on the edges and soft on the inner part. Topped with fresh berries and ice-cream to provide extra flavors and textures to the dessert.


A sweet ending for our satisfying dinner. Most of us was full to the brim but can’t resist to have a scoop or two of the Haagen-Dazs ice-cream. Burps…


Time to check out 😛


I love the concept, how about you?


  Marchè Restaurant

  Lot G87, Ground Floor, The Curve
  Mutiara Damansara
  47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

  Tel: +603 7727 8461


  Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m daily




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