Restoran Tong Sheng 东升园海鲜家 @ Melaka

The unassuming name of Restoran Tong Sheng is actually quite famous in the internet. It is one of the top few searches that appear when you Googled for “Best Places to Eat At Melaka”

I had it on my radar for sometime as I’ve read a lot of reviews on its famous Cheese Prawn Mee Hoon. So I made my way to Restoran Tong Sheng for dinner on one of my Melaka trip.


This place is said to be often thronged with people during peak hours and it was no exception on my visit. But we were considered lucky because the waiting list was rather short and we got our table within half and hour (I knew that the waiting time can be up to one to two hours.)

The restaurant with typical “Dai Chow” setting is non air-conditioned and I felt a bit warm throughout our dinner.


Pictures of the owner with celebrities that visited Tong Sheng are printed in the menu.


Cheesy Prawn Mee Hoon (Small – RM35.00, Medium –  RM70.00, Large – RM105.00)

Portion shown was Small – RM35.00

As the obligatory order at Tong Sheng, the Cheesy Prawn Mee Hoon was didn’t quite live up to my expectation. The vermicelli and prawns were submerged in a rather watery cheesy broth with generous amount (a bit too much for my liking though) of fried garlic and onion. The prawns were fresh but the cheesy flavour of the broth was quite subdued and lack of a hearty factor that capable to leave a strong impression to us. It wasn’t bad but not entirely amazing either.


Fresh Milk Crabs (Seasonal price) 

Portion shown was RM187.50.

This crab dish certainly scored higher than the signature Cheesy Prawn Mee Hoon. The crustaceans were sat gorgeously on pool of luscious and creamy sauce which showcased satisfying dimensions of flavours. It was ravishingly favourful with interesting hint of tanginess and spiciness (from the bird eye chili). This dish was memorably wonderful and definitely worth a try.


The crabs were in good size and quite meaty. Look at the claws, truly an indulgence! The only thing I didn’t fancy was the toasted bread sticks that served along, give me my fried Mantao please.


Honey Pork Ribs (Small – RM12.00, Large – RM20.00) 

Portion shown was Small – RM12.00

The pork ribs were well prepared, decent enough to please the little ones.


French Beans with Dried Prawns (Small – RM10.00, Large – RM18.00)

Portion shown was Small – RM10.00

Cooked to perfection with the crunchiness of the beans still retained.


Verdict: In my book, the signature Cheesy Prawn Mee Hoon definitely not on a stellar level and hardly worth the long waiting. You may visit Restoran Tong Sheng if you really crave for crabs when you are at Melaka. 


Restoran Tong Sheng 东升园海鲜家 

No. 377 & 378, Jalan Taman Melaka Raya 6, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.

Tel: +606 – 286 7811/ +6017 – 631 7811 / +6016 – 776 7811

Operating Hours: 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm, closed on Monday biweekly except Public Holiday




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