Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown

I bet many of you already in holiday mood and looking forwards to the Christmas and New Year parties that occupy your calender? As me, I will have a potluck party with my gang on Christmas eve and I’m scratching my head hardly of thinking what to prepare >.<  Until……my hero come and rescue me!!!

My friend sent me 2 packets of Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown and suddenly an idea flashed into my mind!


Ta ta, a tortilla wrap popcorn hashbrown! Just add in your favourite ingredients and most important the crispy fried Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown, I enjoyed the crunchiness immensely!


I also prepared a breakfast dish the other day by using simple ingredients such as Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown and an egg, a hashbrown cup! In a small bowl arrange the popcorn hashbrown then pop in an egg and cook it in an oven. As easy as ABC, Sam & hubby love it!

Any creative way to prepare Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown that you can think of? Do share with me ya 🙂



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