Thai Garden Village

 It was a rainy night when we dined in here & the staff was courtesy enough to bring us umbrella when we arrived at their car park at the back of the restaurant. Parking is ample here.

Once we entered the restaurant I saw this playground  & I know “oh oh we’re in trouble…”  Sam wanted to stay here & not willing to follow us to our table, so my mom & I took turn to take care of her here >.<

Since it was raining most of the customers chose the indoor seats but there were also some patrons chose to sit outdoor in the special hut.

Air-conditioned private room.


My sister did the ordering while I accompanied Sam at the playground.

Seafood Tom Yum

A must have when you have Thai food! Served pipping hot with fire beneath it & the aroma of lemongrass, kaffir leaves  & various herbs was so alluring. The soup was well balanced and had a good kick of spiciness & sourness level which I like.


Thai Style Steamed Lala

Fresh & big lala steamed with sour & spicy soup.  The more than generous amount of chopped garlic really gave it a distinctive flavor that made the soup so addictive until we polished off the plate clean. 😛


Claypot Crab with Glass Noodle

The glass noodle was cooked to perfectly for not being too soggy & absorbed all the essence from the crab.


Grilled Chicken

For the children who can’t take spicy food.



Fluffy but a bit oily.


Kailan with Salted Fish

We need fiber 🙂


*Sorry no prices stated as my sister paid for the meal 😛*

Verdict: Overall the food was quite impressive & authentic, I don’t mind coming back when my spicy & sour obsession tickled my mind 🙂


  Thai Garden Village
  Lot 32713, 6 1/2 Mlie, Jalan Kepong, 52000 Kuala  
  Lumpur.  (next to Shell Petrol Station)
  Tel : 03-62505519, 016-2100 351
  Business Hour: 11am to 12am – DAILY   




Thai Garden Village Seafood BBQ


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